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Tatay na Sila! Can You Guess Who These Celeb First-Time Dads Are?

We've witnessed them support their partners throughout pregnancy and take over baby-care duties.
PHOTO BYL-R: Paul Soriano, Chito Miranda, and Paolo Valenciano; photos from Instagram

Move over, moms. Let the dads have the spotlight for a change. 

Gone are the days when dads just bring home the bacon. Over the last seven years or so, you can feel a shift on the level of involvement dads now have with their kids. It's not just baby-care duties; dads are actively researching on their child's health and development and even bonding activities with their kids.

And by the looks of things, celebrity first-time dads are no different. Here's a look at these modern dads. 

Chito Miranda

Before welcoming his son Miggy last month, Chito teased wife Neri Naig that he and his son would "wreak havoc." When Neri objected, he clarified, "Syempre I'm going to take care of the baby pero we're going to have so much fun!" Based on Instagram posts, Chito wasn't afraid to give his baby a bath, and he learned to wait for his son to finish pooping before changing his diapers. He would also fill his Instagram with posts of wife Neri and Miggy especially when he misses them when he's away for work. Awww. 

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Paul Soriano

There is no question who was in charge of naming Toni Gonzaga's firstborn. Severiano Elliot, Seve for short, is named after Paul Soriano's favorite Spanish golfer and the main character in the movie E.T., one of Paul's favorite films and the reason he pursued directing films. "I was reborn on Sept. 30, the day my son was born," Paul told Inquirer. "It’s as if everything is brand new again. I feel like I am back to my childhood again." He has in fact re-watched his favorite film with Baby Seve, whom he burps after Toni finishes breastfeeding him. Of course, the little boy slept through most of it, but we can count on Paul to make sure they'll watch it again and again.   

Paolo Valenciano

Paolo and wife Samantha Godinez welcomed their daughter Natalie Martine, or Leia for short, last November. "I'll never look at a mother the same way again. They are the superior species! I can't believe I'm a dad," Paolo said in an interview after Leia's birth. Sam also thanked him for supporting her even with the crazy pregnancy hormones. Based on Paolo's Instagram posts, we know that he's having a hard time leaving their home and wants to stay with his daughter all day. The little girl is also the first apo of Gary Valenciano. 

Kean Cipriano

Kean said he realized the power and strength of a woman after witnessing his wife Chynna Ortaleza give birth to his daughter. According to Chynna, Kean told friends, "Mapapsisip ka talaga bakit nagkakaron pa ng infidelity if you see what your partner goes through to carry your child." Chynna wrote as a Father’s Day message to Kean, "I feel blessed to see you love our daughter. She is the happiest little girl because of the love that you so generously give our family." 

John Prats

Their fairy tale romance have come full circle when John Prats and Isabel Oli welcomed their first baby, daughter Lilly Feather, whom they nicknamed Life. He described that moment as "falling in love all over again" with his wife and Life. John said that when he proposed, he was ready for fatherhood as well, not just marriage. He was game for the wee-hours feeding, changing nappies, and home straight after work to spend time with his family. "Mahalaga sa 'kin ang bawat segundo na kasama kita, anak. Mahal na mahal ka namin ng nanay mo," he recently posted on Instagram.

Chris Tiu

The first-time dad and basketball star said he was moved to tears after seeing his daughter Amanda for the first time. "Just these past few days, I experienced how being a father requires making sacrifices and adjustments. These, however, will pale in comparison to the feeling of euphoria...even just by watching her sleep and feed," he wrote as caption to an Instagram post. Chris seems to be having a blast taking over baby duties, even playing the piano for his little girl when she's with him. Look at those chubby cheeks! We wonder if she got them from her dad.

Drew Arellano

When his son Antonio Primo was born, the new dad immediately shared his baby's photo on Instagram, and the posts have never stopped, proving that Baby Primo is absolutely the bringer of good vibes. On being a dad, Drew, who often posts his family's wacky photos, said, "Of course, you know, the pressure is there. I'm sure I'm going to have fun, but I'm also scared at the same time." The couple decided to forgo having a yaya for now.   

Joseph Bitangcol

While Joseph has been sparse with his posts about new baby daughter Emmanuelle Sky, his wife Chesca, however, gushed about this support. A photo of their hands intertwined was posted on Instagram along with this anniversary message: "I took this photo just after little Emma finished breastfeeding, and you slowly drifted to sleep beside me. I don't think you have any idea how important this little thing is to me. This simple thing means the world to me. I feel everything through this, your support and love. Your presence, your touch, these things are enough for me to know that whatever happens, we'll be okay. Thank you for always being there." 

Enjoy every minute you spend with your kids!

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