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Dear Parents, You Deserve Every Heap Of Praise In 2020
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  • We don't need to pretend — this year sucked. But we're grateful we're alive. We're also hopeful as we often are at this time of the year. Many of us are certainly nostalgic for the way things were before COVID-19.

    Unfortunately, no one can say right now if we're ever going to go back to pre-COVID times. The reality is families will continue to feel the impact of COVID-19 on our livelihood, our children’s education, and our health in 2021.

    And, as we write this, news of a new COVID-19 strain has once again brought back the feelings of dread and despair.

    For parents, the only thing keeping these emotions at bay is their children, and thank God for them. Because how else could parents survive this year?

    No one had any idea what was ahead when we went into quarantine back in March.

    However, dear parents, YOU rose to the occasion.

    This year, you found reserves of strength you never knew you had. Some of you even found the energy and resources to extend a helping hand to a fellow parent.

    You got to know your mettle. You saw how far your resilience would take you. If you ever wondered whether you had grit, well, you knew for sure this year. 

    Telling kids why they cannot go out was tough — how do you convey the danger is real without traumatizing them? But making sure the kids stay indoors? Well, that alone requires a standing ovation for mission accomplished.

    And school? Sigh. You continue to try your very best, and that is truly enough.


    You have no time to make the perfect battle plan. You have mouths to feed, children to keep safe.

    You will keep on feeling hopeful about the future though because of your kids.

    And you will continue to tough it out, often to the detriment of your mental health. That's what we're worried about because mom rage and parental burnout are very real. Who's looking out for the parents?

    In 2021, we hope to help and motivate you enough that you will be inspired to do the same for others. Because we all have to band together to make even the tiniest difference.

    We've seen your influence in action, witnessed how you can amplify a message. You can spread compassion and bring about so much good to your fellow nanays and tatays.

    If there is anything this year has taught us, it is the fact that it also takes a village to get a parent to take care of her and his physical, mental, emotional, and, yes, sexual well-being.

    So that means we want to keep hearing and learning from you. Tell us what you need AND help us craft solutions. Share with us your point of view — let your voice be heard!

    We're hopeful for 2021 because of what we've seen in parents this year. You guys have been — what's that word? Ah, yes.

    Nay, Tay, this year you have been extra!

    We can't wait to see what you will do in 2021.

    Your cheerleader,

    The Smart Parenting Team

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