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Dr. Vicki Belo Writes to Cristalle: The One Thing You Need to Remember
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  • In the new book, Letters to My Children, 35 parents, from showbiz actors to athletes to politicians, write to their kids to impart wisdom, affirm their love, and share words of encouragement on how to embrace the future. It is probably one of the few times you'll see these public figures at their most joyful, hopeful, and, yes, vulnerable. 

    One of those letters is by Dr. Vicki Belo, penned for Cristalle whom she addresses as "Grundy." It reveals a strong mother-and-daughter bond, which has evolved into a deep friendship and a business partnership that has brought even more success to the brand that is their name. Dr. Vicki, who started the Belo Medical Group 26 years ago, is clearly proud of her daughter’s success, but in her letter, written before Cristalle got married last September, she tells her second child that there is one thing she always needs to put ahead first. This is her letter in full.   

    Dear Grundy,

    I don’t need to tell you how proud I am of you, and everything you have accomplished in your life so far. You aren’t just successful in your own right, but you are the sweetest and most caring person I know. But, my darling, there is still so much more ahead of you, so much more happiness in store for you. You have been by my side throughout everything -- through the ups and downs, through the fun times and the difficult ones, but what I also appreciate is being able to work with you every day. Not all moms can say that they have a daughter who works harmoniously with them -- making her own name for herself while she’s at it. 

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    You work so hard, just like someone I know. Sometimes you work too hard. When you’re caught up in a task, you sleep, eat, and breathe it. This is why whatever you touch becomes a success, because of all the work and heart you put into it. I just worry that when you get too exhausted, your passion can fizzle out. I can see you working on projects that take up less than a year; don’t let them drag out for too long. Let the flame burn bright and burn strong. Then take a break. Breathe. Relax. You need it. 

    The next step in your life is one of the biggest moves you are going to make. I have been ready for you to get married since Christmas of 2015, but I don’t really need to spell it out, my darling, how much I am going to miss you. I will miss when you’d come home, and the first thing you’d do is look for Scarlet so you two can play together. I will miss you always being by my side, I will miss my Grundy. But yes, I knew this was going to happen one day and that I would have to cut the apron strings. And yes, I am ready, but that doesn’t mean letting go will be easy.   

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    One thing I want you to remember now that you are starting your own family is your family should always come first. Of course, you already do this -- you are such a great ate to Scarlet and such a loving sister to Kuya, but when it’s your own family, the priority changes. You can’t lose yourself in work when you have a husband and children who need you. You need to put them first. 

    You are the best daughter any mom could ask for, and the best role model for Scarlet. Because of this, I know you will also be the best mom to my future grandchildren. I can’t wait to meet them, Darling. Even if I will miss you so very much. 

    I love you to the moon and back.


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    Published by Summit Books, Letters to My Children (P295) is available at your favorite book store.  

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