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  • Your Luck, Wealth, and Career Forecast By a Feng Shui Master

    Which animal sign has luck on its side to have a baby or move to a new house? Read what a feng shui expert has to say.
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
Your Luck, Wealth, and Career Forecast By a Feng Shui Master
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  • It’s the Year of the Fire Rooster! What could this mean for you? Feng shui grand master Tan Khoon Yong has a few predictions for each of the 12 animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac. Here’s a glimpse into what your year might be like: 


    What the rat is like: intelligent, charismatic 

    The good: This is a good year for rats to move houses or plan a new addition to the family, forecasts the grand master. Here’s to bigger and better things! But, there’s no slacking off for the rat though. The rat’s luck cycle this year is only on the average so hard work is advised. Feeling anxious? Don’t worry. The grandmaster says, “You shall perform well at work, accomplishing all tasks without a hitch.”

    The bad:
    Be extra careful when dealing with individuals and important matters to avoid any lawsuits in your future. 

    What the ox is like: resolute

    The good: Keep strong! Your family will get you through this year’s rough patches so keep them dear, says the grandmaster.

    The bad: You should definitely look out for your health and wealth. A good strategy would be to find ways to maintain a healthy work-life balance, says the grand master. As for the stars, you’ll be more prone to irritability so learn to control your anger and let go of the small things; this will leave you open to bigger opportunities.  

    What the tiger is like: courageous, intense

    The good: Bountiful luck comes the tiger’s way this year! Expect good things to come at work. Take advantage of your good fortune by enhancing your abilities and learning new skills. Don’t be afraid to show off, says the grandmaster. For those married, relationship bliss is in your future. 

    The bad: Handle your finances carefully including your belongings and property, says the grand master, as your luck when it comes to wealth this year is unstable. “Extend your help to those in need. By helping others, you not only improve interpersonal relationships, but also improve your luck.” 

    What the rabbit is like: gentle

    The good: You’ll be busy with financial and career matters this year. Rest assured, with the guidance of the stars, you’ll be able to overcome challenges, says the grand master. 

    The bad: Brace yourself. A lot of problems will come to the rabbit this year. Keep calm, exercise, and find comfort in friends to help you manage your stress, he advices. Judging from your luck, you'll need it, rabbit. Try not to be rash as you’re more prone to injuries, accidents and bankruptcy this year as well.

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    What the dragon is like: energetic, charming

    The good: There is definitely reason for you to celebrate the new year. Your sign is the most auspicious out of all the zodiac signs this year! “The Rooster Year is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your abilities as your efforts will be rewarded handsomely,” says the grand master.  The stars are in your favor. Look forward to plenty of success and an extremely auspicious year ahead!

    As everything’s looking bright, this is the year to start a family as well. For those married, nurture your love by trying out new activities and hobbies together. 

    The bad: What can ruin your good luck? Being boastful, says the grand master. Remain humble or risk negatively impacting your luck. Share your blessings and engage in charitable deeds, he advises. Avoid moving houses or drastic home renovations, too.

    What the snake is like: persuasive, influential

    The good: Uh-oh. “This year spells a sharp decline in your luck cycle, largely affecting your mental and physical health,” says the grand master. Be prepared for a multitude of obstacles. On the upside, persevere and you’ll come out of this year stronger than ever. Don’t hesitate to turn to your partner or friends whenever you need strength, advises the grandmaster. 

    The bad: Yes, you might be down on your luck this year but it’s no reason to compare yourself to others. In fact, avoid comparison and be careful with your words, says the grand master. You’re extra prone to accidents and injuries this year so be extra careful, too. When it comes to relationships, control your anger and keep your chin up. 

    What the horse is like: tenacious

    The good: Lots of luck for the horse this year! Your efforts from last year have paid off, and you’ll be richly rewarded for your hard work, says the grandmaster. Expect good things from your business and investments if you have any. “Furthermore, previous good deeds may reward you with unexpected fortune,” he adds. This is also a good year to make a career switch. 

    The bad: Be humble, stay determined and exercise control to avoid turning your luck on its head, says the grand master. Treasure what you have and nurture your relationships! Slip ups might cause you relationship trouble this year. 

    What the goat is like: self-confident

    The good: Though your luck has turned a sharp downward turn this year, with hard work you’ll see progress, says the grand master. 

    The bad: “This year, be wary of conniving characters. Keep a low profile and be on your guard,” says the grand master. Household matters can give you difficulty as well, so uphold harmony and show concern to your partner and kids. 

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    What the monkey is like: active, intelligent

    The good: Last year was a bad one for the monkey, says the grandmaster, but this year might prove to be better. “You shall experience a breakthrough in your career, which is an encouraging sign,” he says. 

    The bad: Wealth loss is a likely possibility for the monkey this year, says the grand master. Be careful with your money and when doing business. Your problems may take a toll on you so make health your top priority and remain positive. 

    What the rooster is like: sociable, practical

    The good: The Rooster Year only comes once every dozen and for this one, the rooster can expect a decent amount of luck. There will be obstacles but the rooster can rely that help and support is never far away, says the grand master. Plus, extremely good news, the grandmaster forecasts tremendous career growth for roosters this year. 

    The bad: Being complacent and careless will lead to massive losses, says the grand master. Stay away from distractions and keep focused, he advises. And, if you and your partner are having communication problems, taking a trip together to someplace nice is a good idea.

    What the dog is like: righteous

    The good: There’s a massive improvement in the dog’s luck cycle this year compared to last’s, says the grand master. “You shall perform exceptionally well, leading to stable wealth gains,” he adds. Expect many benefactors. 

    The bad: You might want to ease up on spending hard earned money on entertaining coworkers, says the grand master, and focus instead on your abilities. Plus, a busy schedule may leave you stressed out and jaded. The grandmaster advises that you don’t neglect your health as it’s essential to your progress. For married individuals, spend more time with your family and partner. 

    What the pig is like: loving

    The good: Keep your eyes peeled as you may be presented with new career opportunities this year. Take advantage of it, advises the grandmaster. Need a break? “This is a good year to go for a vacation abroad to relax,” he says. 

    The bad: Not so good news for your bank account. You might have more expenses than you anticipate this year, says the grand master.  On top of that, there will be personal problems for the pig this year which may lead to bad financial decisions. “Seek advice from trusted individuals when in doubt,” says the grand master. Don’t neglect your health too as you’ll need it for the challenges ahead. 

    To watch feng shui grand master Tan Khoon Yong complete forecast video, click here. Happy Chinese New Year! 

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