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After Miscarriage, Couple Clings to Faith to Get Pregnant Again
PHOTO BY courtesy of Anne Tuyay
  • Have you ever wanted something so badly yet it seems that you’ll never get it? 

    Have you ever prayed for an intention but it’s like your pleas are unheard?

    Have you ever been given something—a precious gift—only to have it taken abruptly away from you?

    If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of the above questions, then you share something in common with Niño and Anne Tuyay.

    A blessed beginning and beautiful dreams

    Niño and Anne met in 2006 when they were both working fulltime as missionaries for Couples for Christ, a community for lay Catholics. “Niño was assigned to the Bicol Region and I was based in Manila; both of us handled the youth programs in our areas,” Anne shares.

    “Anne was healing from a past relationship when I met her on a youth mission trip to Bicol,” Niño adds. “After a year of friendship, I courted her. We became boyfriend and girlfriend for almost two years, then I decided to ask her for to marry me in April 2009. We got married in January 2010. She was 27 and I was 29.”

    Niño and Anne knew from the onset of their marriage that they wanted to have a baby right away. “We dreamed of having our own children—3 kids hopefully. We dreamed of our whole family serving the Lord,” Anne says.

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    Of heartbreak and surrender

    To their great joy, Anne got pregnant two years after their wedding. Sadly, their baby lived in utero only for 7 weeks. 


    “Her heartbeat stopped. That was in 2012,” Anne recalls. “It was very sad and painful especially for me. I felt it was my fault that our baby didn't make it, that I was not healthy and ready enough to carry a human inside my body.” 

    Months afterwards, Anne decided to quit her job so she could rest and prepare physically for pregnancy. “But I also wanted to prepare emotionally,” she adds. 

    “I tried to move on from the loss of our baby. I focused on my new job and on our new service in the community. And while waiting and praying, there were lots of tears. Honestly, many times I asked the Lord, ‘When, Lord?’ I pleaded to Mama Mary to pray for me so that I could be a mother like her.” 

    After four years of waiting, Niño and Anne consulted her OB for a fertility workup. 

    “I took medications and was monitored by my OB every month to see the chances of conceiving,” Anne recounts. “It was stressful and frustrating for us every time we would see negative results. After around 3 to 4 cycles, we decided to stop the medications. 

    Nakakapagod physically and emotionally. We came to a point of surrender to God, to His will and His perfect time.”

    Niño remembers how pained and sad they would feel every time they would hear news of babies being aborted or being thrown away like dead rats. 

    “Kasi hindi nila gusto or tanggap yung baby. Pero kami gustong gusto na namin,” he wistfully shares. “Sometimes din may kurot din ng konti sa puso when some of our friends’ prayers for a baby are answered. Not because we didn’t want their prayers to be answered but because we got tired of waiting for our own prayers to be answered. Pero ang pinakamasakit yung pag nakikita ko si Anne na umiiyak sa loob ng kwarto namin sa lungkot at hirap ng paghihintay.” 

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    Complete surrender

    Despite their intense longing to have a child, the couple never considered using artificial means of conception. 
    “May mga nakilala kami na nagtry ng ganung method, pero para sa amin, we realized na hindi talaga eto nakasalalay lang sa gawa ng mga kamay namin,” Niño explains. “At Diyos lang ang nakakaalam ng mga bagay bagay na makakabuti at nakalaan para sa amin. At yun yung nakatulong sa amin—na isuko sa Diyos, maghintay, at magtiwala sa plano Niya kung magkakaroon man o wala. Kahit mahirap.” 

    Clinging to their faith, Niño and Anne also sought the intercession of Saint Pio and Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

    The couple believes Baby Liana is the result of the intercession of Saint Pio and Our Mother of Perpetual Help.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Anne Tuyay

    An answered prayer

    Finally, in 2017, Niño and Anne’s prayers were answered in the form of their baby, Liana. Anne cannot help but gush about her! “I feel very grateful every day looking at Liana. She is a miracle before my eyes. I am now a mother to a beautiful and sweet baby girl,” she shares. 


    Of course, being a new mom had its set of challenges. “It was overwhelming physically and emotionally but I am assured of God's love through the love of my husband and my baby,” Anne expounds.

    Needless to say, Niño and Anne are both “very thankful to the Lord” for the gift of Liana. “She is an angel sent by God,” they proudly declare. 

    The gift of faith


    Niño says, "Waiting could be painful now, but patiently trust that He is with you on this journey."
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Anne Tuyay


    Anne shares, “More than the gift of life, it was His gift of faith that held us up in our journey of waiting. We also know that our family and friends supported us through their constant prayers—they included us in their novena prayers, family prayers, and Mass petitions. And this is also what we are doing now for them.” 


    And to those who may still be waiting for their prayers to be answered, Niño has this to say:

    “Our God is a God who knows all the seasons of our lives. Waiting could be painful now, but patiently trust that He is with you on this journey. We may or may not receive the answers to our prayers, but the most important thing is that we have totally surrendered to the will of God.”

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