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  • Mom We Love: 14 Things That Prove Lea Salonga is Just Like Any Other Mom

    Forget for a second, if you can, that she's an international star.
  • Lea Salonga. We all felt that her success was ours, too, being the first Filipino to win a Tony Award, a recognition she received for playing Kim in the Miss Saigon musical. When she was chosen as the singing voice for Disney's Princess Jasmine and Mulan, and then playing Eponine and Fantine in Les Miserables, we all took pride in her achievements. 

    However, as big an international star that she is, she's a mom just like any one of us. Here are some things that prove all mothers speak the same language:

    1. She loves her own.

    Word. Because when you're a mom, you have to love yourself even more, love handles and all.

    2. She loves to eat.

    Who else can relate?

    3. She also struggles to stay fit.

    We all try to get some exercise -- if we find the time, that is. Lea, too, works out whenever she has pockets of free time. 


    4. She also hopes that her nail polish would last. Who hasn't?

    We all wish they would last for, say, more than two days? With moms' hands busy doing mommy stuff, well -- good luck! 

    5. She wears tsinelas.

    Because, comfort.

    7. Coffee is also her best friend.

    Of course! All moms need some energy-boosting dose every single day.

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    8. She makes crafts with her daughter Nicole

    Yes, she's crafty, too. This mom has got some skills in loom-band making!

    9. She takes Nic to theme parks!

    Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth! 'Nuff said. (And who doesn't love Sully?)

    10. She takes her daughter to work, too!

    Because she can, and that's what working mothers do, right? She sneaks in quality time whenever possible. Plus, showing your child your craft sends a message to them that they can do great in whatever they choose to do.

    11. She's one proud mom!

    This proud momma is happy to share her daugther's artworks and achievements (just like you!) In fact, her daughter is her favorite subject, she says so herself.


    12. She loves her own mom for sure

    Lea and Mommy Ligaya make it a point to have dates. Here, they spend time together watching tennis, something they both love.

    13. She salutes all moms!


    Lea knows all too well that all moms work hard and want the best for their children. Hear, hear!

    14. Her family is the love of her life

    Yes, she's an international star and an award-winning singer-actress. But at the end of the day, she's a supportive wife and a loving mom ... just like the rest of us.

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