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  • Here's Why the Filipina Mom of Today Is a Superwoman

    Moms are sexy, strong, and independent women. Yet somehow we are still underappreciated.
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
Here's Why the Filipina Mom of Today Is a Superwoman
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  • What are you like, mom? Hardworking? Independent? Do you handle the family budget? In celebration of International Women’s Day, here’s an overview of the state of Filipina moms today.

    These statistics are from the 2017 Women’s Issues report of Manila Bulletin and J. Walter Thompson Philippines’ (JWT) recently released Filipina Next insight report.

    1. Filipina moms are educated.

    From primary to tertiary education, overall, Filipino women’s enrolment rate is consistently higher than that of Filipino men. With that, almost all Filipinas (97%) above 15 years old can both read and write. Smart parents indeed, right moms? 

    2. Filipina moms are hardworking. 
    Yet, women earn significantly less than men. The estimated annual earned income for males is $8,233 versus the $5,691 of females -- that's a difference of over $2,500 or more than P125,000. 

    That doesn't mean though that Filipinas are any less hardworking. “Women work as much as men, if not more. When both paid and unpaid work such as household chores and charing for children are taken into account, women work longer hours -- an average of 30 minutes a day longer in developed countries and 50 minutes in developing countries,” says the United Nations’ The World’s Women (TWW) 2015 report. 

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    3. Filipina moms are smart about money. 
    Compared to men, women are smarter about saving their hard-earned money for a rainy day. 34% of women own a bank account, compared to just the 22% of men. This is just as well as the JWT study shows that 81% of Filipinas worry about money. Which then leads us to the next point...

    4. Filipina moms handle the family budget.
    Finding ways to fit all the family’s needs (and wants) into the family budget to keep everyone happy is a skill we believe moms specialize in. Data shows we might be right. 80% of the JWT study participants said that they were the main household purchaser and 73% make the majority of financial decisions at home. Now that’s power for you! Does this mean moms are great at math too?

    5. Filipina moms have multiple kids. 

    According to the Manila Bulletin report, the average number of children per mom is three -- a panganay, a middle-child and a bunso. 

    6. Filipina moms are strong. 

    In 2015, the maternal mortality rate in the Philippines was 114 per 100,000 live births, an improvement from the 152 of 1990. Even though these fall below the 2015 global average of 216, there’s still much room for improvement. 

    7. Filipina moms are independent. 

    Majority of Filipinas (72%) agree that “they don’t really rely on others and that they motivate themselves to succeed.” Because why look elsewhere when you know you’re capable enough to do it yourself, right moms? Filipinas had the highest rating in this area among all the women surveyed worldwide, according to JWT. Here’s a shout-out to all the single Filipina moms! 

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    8. Filipina moms know the value of their well-being. 
    Nearly 70% of Filipino women believe that “me-time” and taking care of themselves is important. In comparison, only 54% of women from the worldwide survey felt the same. All moms need and deserve rest, whatever nationality. A happy mom leads to a happy family. 

    In addition, more than half of Filipinas consider sexual fulfilment important, with 70% agreeing that sexual fulfilment isn’t just for the young. Embrace your sensual self. Hooray for sexy and confident moms! 

    9. Filipina moms choose their life partners well.
    One in three women worldwide have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner or sexual violence by a non-partner at some point in their lives. “Intimate partner violence is the most common form of violence, peaking during women’s reproductive years in both developed and developing countries,” according to the TWW 2015 report. 

    In the Philippines, physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner have been experienced by 18% of women. Though this is low compared to global worldwide figures, domestic violence should never be tolerated. Women are advised to seek help and support in circumstances like this. 

    10. Filipina moms are motivated. 
    Gender is not a hindrance to success and we’re happy to report that majority of Filipinas believe so too. 80% of those surveyed by JWT feel confident that they will reach success in life with 40% saying they’re almost there. Yes to more Filipina success stories!

    Sources: J. Walter Thompson Philippines, Manila Bulletin, United Nations 

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