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  • Woman Posts a Photo of Her Bare Breast for a Good Cause

    Women everywhere are calling her brave for her life-saving photo
  • A woman uploaded a "boob picture" that's now been shared over 73,000 times and has reached over 48,000 likes (as of writing), but it’s not for the reasons you might think.

    On May 11, 2015, Lisa Royle posted a picture of her breast on Facebook. Her aim? She wanted to show people how easy it is to ignore the signs of breast cancer because of how subtle they are. Her story also appears on LittleThings.com.

    A week before she was scheduled to undergo mastectomy (a surgery that removes the tissue from a breast), she posted the photo of what breast cancer really looked at the onset – a mere slight dimpling on the flesh. Can you spot them on her photo below?

    Lisa Royle's photo

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    The post reads:

    Ok so I never thought I'd post a boob picture on Facebook but I thought I would before it gets chopped off next week.
    So here it is..... This all that I found on my boob. Very subtle dimples underneath that could easily be missed when we're all rushing round getting ready in a morning.
    Please take time to look at your boobs. It could save you're life

    And for this, many people have commented on the post thanking her for her bravery.  

    “You could of [sic] saved hundreds of lives with this pic hope you make a full recovery and soon thoughts,” said commenter Gemma Louise Fleming, consequently gaining the comment 189 likes.

    Another one reads, “What a brave lady you are and thank you for sharing your story. Wishing you good luck and a very speedy recovery,” commented by Lyn Earith Hulme with 85 likes.

    As for Royle, her husband Craig said she’s doing fine after her surgery.

    “Lisa is out of surgery and doing really well. Bit groggy from the morphine but in good spirits and should be home later this evening. The support has blown us away so a massive thanks to u all.”

    If you happen to find any suspicious lumps or dimples on your breasts, or if your nipples are unusually raw or tender, don't hesitate to check with a medical professional. This is especially so for pregnant women or those who have just given birth, as breast cancer risks increase during and after pregnancy. Read our article on postpartum breast cancer here.

    Thumbnail photo from medbroadcast.com

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