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Pick One! 9 Wondrous Words That Perfectly Describe Parenthood
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  • Parenting as a journey and an experience can be difficult to put into words. There are too many vital small details and grand emotions that make it hard to describe. But, some words come close. We picked a few from from those collected by Yee-Lum Mak on her blog Other-Wordly that near-perfectly describes aspects of parenting with just one word. 

    1. How you felt on that "first meeting"
    You know that feeling you felt in your heart, soul, and every fiber of your being when you held your baby for the first time? This is the word for it.  

    2. What you feel for your child every day
    It could be his first day of school, when he learned how to use a spoon or when she first called you "mama." 


    3. The perfect word that describes your toddler's dancing
    Every toddler has his favorite song. Whether it's a chart-topping hit or a commercial jingle, whenever it's playing, your child will bend his knees, wave his arms, and dance like this. 

    4. What life as a parent is filled with
    Parenting is filled with opportune moments for joy, reflection, making memories and teaching valuable lessons. Take advantage of them. One day, they will all be things to look back on.  


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    5. When your child falls asleep on your arm
    And you don't want to move her, partly because you don't want to wake her up. But mostly you want to relish the closeness. 

    6. Why we keep mementos and small treasures
    The smallest things can hold so much meaning; that one picture taken of the kids playing on the perfect summer day, the feel of your baby's first blanket, the taste of lola's cooking or the smell of mom's clothes.


    7. The foundation of your relationship with your partner

    Love is a give and take. Finding a balance isn't always easy, but what's important is that we strive for it. Communicate, compromise, and commit. 

    8. The reason we go to great lengths to be good parents
    Because one day you know your child will grow up to be a wonderful adult and have the ability to spark change.

    9. The word that can describe parenthood
    Parenting is a life-defining journey. It is filled with Experiences that we will remember and grow from. There are times that parenting tests our strength and our will. And times that it fills us with so much purpose. We live for these moments.

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