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  • CEO Shares What Makes Working Parents Amazing: 'We Succeed Because Of Our Families'

    As a working parent himself, he understands just what moms and dads are capable of.
    by Kitty Elicay .
CEO Shares What Makes Working Parents Amazing: 'We Succeed Because Of Our Families'
  • Working parents, especially moms, not only struggle with the guilt of leaving their kids to pursue a career (and earn money for the household), but some of them also have to face discrimination in the workplace. We’ve heard of stories where women were turned down in job interviews because they tell prospective employers they have children or where parents have to deal with difficult colleagues who can’t understand what they’re going through.

    Thankfully, there are still companies who value mom and dad employees, including Eric Arnold, CEO of Planswell, a financial services company based in Canada. He recently went viral for a short, but heartwarming LinkedIn post where he showed there are still good bosses out there who genuinely care about working parents.

    In his post last July 2019, Arnold admitted he made a mistake — he asked a candidate if they had kids during a job interview. “They paused, gave a weird look and said, ‘no.’,” Arnold writes. “I forget people discriminate against parents.”

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    "We might run if school calls… but we do amazing work in between."

    The reason he forgot is because Arnold’s team have 15 kids between them, and four of them are his. Yes, the CEO is a working parent himself and he gets how amazing they can be as employees.

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    “We might show up after 9 a.m. drop off. We often leave at 5 for dinner. We might run if school calls… but we do amazing work in between,” Arnold shares. “We don’t succeed despite our families… We succeed because of them.”

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    Thanks to his refreshing insight, Arnold’s post has gotten over 382,000 reactions and more than 8,000 comments. It’s also sparked a discussion in the comments, with most supporting Arnold.

    One user said that working parents work hard as much as those who do not have children yet. “So crazy how one of the most natural things in this world are discriminated upon. Being a parent is a lot of grit, and to go from being a parent to someone who fulfills responsibilities in their profession for a couple hours a day is a tough act to follow,” the user wrote.


    A fellow parent also lists down character traits that working parents have, which makes them valuable employees. “I believe that kids make you better, strive harder and achieve more, and make [you] better employees. They teach us patience, empathy, kindness and gratitude. So important in our field. Plus, we have to work hard to provide for them which makes us humble and appreciative.”

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    One user noted that offering flexibility in the workplace (whether they are a parent or not) can actually do wonders for a person’s productivity. He writes, “It amazes me that people still look down on those of us who enjoy spending time with our families and make it a priority to take care of them. As a business owner, I think it is so incredibly important to celebrate the families of our employees and be flexible when they need it. I’ve actually seen it increase productivity!”


    Working parents face various challenges and it really makes a difference if they are happy in the workplace as well. According to research, a parent’s happiness at work also had a direct effect on their kids!

    If you’re a working parent, don’t be too hard on yourself. At the end of the day, it’s not about how many kids you have but your skills and capabilities. Value your worth, and know that there are companies who think of you as an asset.

    Yes, there are good bosses out there. Click here to read up on a Pinay CEO who told her employees it's okay to put family first.

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