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10 Lessons We Learned About Buhay May-Asawa from Popoy and Basha
  • Almost ten years after Popoy and Basha got together, broke up, and then reunited, we see them again in "A Second Chance" as a married couple trying to shake off the proverbial seven-year itch. Through all the ups and downs of their relationship, one thing remains: their honest love for each other.

    What has kept people glued to their story even after all these years is how raw and real Popoy and Bash’s relationship is. It’s rocky and messy, complicated at best. It’s as if young couples years ago were watching their own story in "One More Chance"; and today, married couples who find themselves going through a rough patch would probably find Poy and Bash in a situation similar to theirs, too.

    We made a beeline for the cinemas on the first day of showing so we can share the lessons we learned from our favorite away-bati (now married) couple:

    1. Don’t be afraid to dream together.
    The start of marriage is always the best part (admit it!). Just like Popoy and Basha, you envision your dream house and how many kids you want to be running around in it. Don’t lose the wonder in dreaming together whether you are married for seven or 70 years.

    2. Be each other’s cheerleader.
    Popoy was determined to set up their own construction and design firm, even if Basha was unsure they could do it. Basha stood by her husband and went all out. Do the same for your partner not only when they’re building an empire but also when they’re assembling the baby’s crib or fixing a leaky faucet.

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    3. Have enough faith in your partner.
    Basha was Popoy’s number one cheerleader, but did she really trust him enough to accomplish what they set out to do? Taking action after you’re done with your cheerleading duties is the difficult part. Make sure you show you have enough faith in your spouse by giving only constructive criticism and never second-guessing.

    4. Know when to ask for help.
    Their company was about to hit rock bottom, but Popoy was too proud to admit his failure and seek Basha’s help. That just made things worse. Problems are easier to deal with when you’ve got four hands and two brains working on them, so always be a team!

    5. Don’t put words in your spouse’s mouth. (In the same vein, try to say things clearly.)
    It was easy for Basha to assume it was her fault that Popoy seemed to have lost interest in their marriage, especially after they experienced one heartbreaking loss after another. But the truth was Popoy was just too scared of being rejected. Never assume, and always use your words.

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    6. Be honest.
    Thinking that keeping the truth about their failing business from Basha was all for the best was Popoy’s biggest mistake. When you have to cover up one lie with another, that’s when you start digging your own grave. Just be truthful – it’s always the easier road to take.

    7. Remember the promise you made to each other.
    “Asawa mo ako, baka nakakalimutan mo na,” Basha said. It’s good to be reminded of the vows you made, particularly the “for better or worse” part. Remember too how much you meant it when you were saying it.

    8. Mag-usap kayo.
    It’s an overused piece of advice, but one that has always worked for Popoy and Basha from the start of their relationship. There’s nothing that can’t be solved by sitting down with your partner and threshing out your feelings in an honest and calm manner.

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    9. Love your partner at their best; love them even more at their worst.
    Married life is not a bed of roses, as Popoy and Basha discovered. Be realistic about what you expect from your partner, and prepare to love them anyway when they don’t meet even the most minimum expectation.

    10. Be content with what is.
    Forget the what-ifs – the pasture will always greener on the other side of the fence. Popoy could have had this other life as an engineer building bridges and train stations in Europe, but in the end, he realized he was right where he should be, and that he was the luckiest man alive to be there.

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