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  • 10 Things Wives Wish for their Husbands in 2017

    These wives secretly wish something for their husbands
    by Dette Zulueta . Published Dec 30, 2016
10 Things Wives Wish for their Husbands in 2017
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  • "Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every New Year find you a better man." - Benjamin Franklin

    The New Year is fast approaching and amidst the merriment of the holidays, we find ourselves stopping for a while, reflecting and evaluating the year that will soon pass, and looking forward to the coming year full of hope while equipped with a handful of resolutions. But sometimes, we need a guide who is more objective to point to us an area for improvement we have to work on. Oftentimes, it is something that we have always known; and sometimes, we may not even be aware of it. Thus, our better halves might be a better judge as to what we lack, and might be the best person to tell us about it -- if we care to listen. Here are 10 resolutions wives hope their husbands would do in the coming year.

    1. Be more patient and understanding
    “Because I'm moody most of the time and he has always been very patient. I want him to continue being that kind of husband.” - Jennifer Tan-Madarang

    2. Be less of a workaholic
    “Providing and working hard for the family is commendable, but spending time with family and making memories is just as important.” – Joarra Torres Galang-Solis

    3. Drink beer less often
    “I want him to practice "clean living" to prevent lifestyle-related diseases.” – Honeylet Joy Bello-Reyes

    4. Worry less and have more fun
    “He's a banker and wants everything in order and according to plan; him loosening up a bit even when things don't go as planned would be fantastic.” – Margaux Flores-Nonato

    5. Spend less time on his phone/computer, especially in our presence
    “So he can be more present in our lives.” – Mommy C.

    6. Help more with childcare
    “I wish he'd be more sensitive to feel whenever I am exhausted / or when I really need help without me asking him.” – Ayeen Rimorin


    7. Cook more often
    “He is a great cook and can effortlessly whip up a feast. I am secretly wishing this for him so that he can practice what he does best and I can take a break from cooking.” - Ma. Clarice Lao-Itumay

    8. Rest more, exercise more
    “He works more than 10 hours a day or even more on weekdays.” - Mia Tapiador Madarang

    9. Initiate more family bonding activities
    “Now that we have our newborn, our first child, I believe it is the best time to develop the habit of spending time together as a family so that this early, our baby will feel the love and presence of her parents.” – Gwen Llana-Serrano

    10. Pay more attention to his health
    “He used to lead an active lifestyle -- swimming, mountain climbing, diving, etc. -- but lately the stress brought about by work and living in the city sometimes gets to us. I would want us to be fit and healthy so we could enjoy doing those activities with our children.” - Marie Macapagal-Galang

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    How about you? What do you wish your spouse would do more or do less?

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