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  • 10 Times James Reid/Clark Medina Made us Fall In Love All Over Again

    Find out why adult women have found themselves dreaming of this teleserye character
    by Ro Manalo .
10 Times James Reid/Clark Medina Made us Fall In Love All Over Again
  • Since its pilot episode back in August, ABS-CBN's "On the Wings of Love" or OTWOL to its millions of fans worldwide has made us laugh, cry, and swoon with kilig. Even respectable adult women have found themselves screaming, squirming, and in tears watching this show.

    For those who are not in the know, "On the Wings of Love" follows the story of Leah Olivar played by actress Nadine Lustre who goes to the U.S. in the hope of realizing her family’s American dream. She flies to the States as a tourist and took odd jobs to earn money, but when her visa is about to expire, she agrees to marry Clark Medina (played by actor James Reid), an American citizen, in order to continue living in the U.S., in exchange for money that he greatly needs.

    The sham marriage soon turns real when hubby and wifey start to develop feelings for each other. But alas, a lot of complications arise.

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    This show has propelled both Reid and Lustre to primetime royalty and it’s not surprising given their undeniable chemistry and how effective they are at playing Clark and Leah.

    While Nadine is gorgeous and is an absolute sweetheart (we can’t imagine anyone else being paired with James), women of all ages have their eyes on 22-year old James Reid who is absolute perfection as Clark. Here, we share 10 times he made us fall in love all over again (and maybe remember our courtship days?).

    1. The time he stared at Leah for what seemed like an eternity.  His eyes make us want to sing “Naniniwala na ako sa forever.”


    2. Every time he utters his signature pa-kilig lines.

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    3. Every time he cries. We just want to hug him and tell him everything’s going to be all right.

    4.  The time he loved Leah from afar.  True love does wait.

    5. Every time he takes care of Leah. Sometimes, it’s the little gestures that we remember the most.


    6. Every time he made Leah (and us) laugh. A sense of humor sure is sexy.

    Here he is reciting Leah’s favorite expressions:


    The time they had to pretend like they just made love because they thought immigration officers were there to check on them:

    When he became his father-in-law’s reliever as jeepney driver:

    7. Every time he takes his darn shirt off.  So distracting!


    8. Every time he sings because the boy CAN sing!

    Here, Clark and Leah sing On The Wings of Love at an OFW get-together. Watch how he looks at her as they sing:

    9.  That time he confessed his feelings for Leah. You have to admire a man who lets out what he feels.

    10. Every single time they kiss.  

    The night they finally said “I love you”:


    "On the Wings of Love" airs weekdays, 9:30 pm on ABS-CBN.

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