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  • happy familyLet’s be honest here—there is no one magic formula for doing this right. Every parent must look at themselves, their family, and their circumstances, to see what works for them. But knowing what you should keep in mind when making those decisions will help you come to better conclusions and achieve greater results in love, in life, and in the success of your career. Here are 10 ways you to start:
    1. If you have a 9-5 job, devote the weekends to home/family activities, and save work for weekdays when you really need to do it.
    Your family, and especially your children, will sense what is important to you by how much time you spend on it. So if you are five days a week away at work, make sure that the other two are set aside for family matters, and try to not schedule work-related activities then.

    2. Have some ‘Me Time’.
    Treat yourself once in awhile to doing things just for you. Whether a foot spa or body-massage, shopping spree or night out with girlfriends, do what helps to de-stress and take your mind of other concerns. Being good to yourself will help you be better for others.

    3. Keep fit.
    Exercise, eat healthy, think healthy, live a healthy lifestyle. If you want to be there for your family, you need to be there in good shape.

    4. Find out how you can maintain flexibility at work; know your boss’s expectations and leeway.
    When you know what others expect of you, or if they know your boundaries from the start, this will aid you in achieving your home goals and making all expectations clear.

    5. Build and maintain your own support network.
    Find people who can give you sensible advice and counsel when you’re in a fix. Seek out others who have ‘been there, done that’ and can offer good advice or just lend a listening ear.



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