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  • argueAre you a know-it-all and like snapping “I told you so!” to your husband?  Find out how this attitude and several others can be harmful to a marriage.  Check yourself before it’s too late. 

    • The Mother Superior.
    • She makes the rules and knows just about everything!  She dictates what activities to do, which shows to watch, even the clothes her husband should wear. She gets irritated when things don’t go her way, and likes the line “I told you so.”  This attitude can make the husband feel like he is not needed and affect his self-worth.
    • Mrs. Fix-It.  She wants things a certain way and fixes them when they aren’t – including her husband’s habits, her kids’ appearance and preferences.  She often nags her husband to change and wants immediate results.  Accepting personal differences are way out of her league! No matter how much husbands love their wives, no one can ever fix anyone.  It is the husband’s personal decision to do the change.
    • Mother Reincarnate. She sounds like his mother and treats her husband like a little child by giving constant reminders to take his medicine, put his shoes back on the rack, be home on time, etc.  Remember that your husband is an adult, and should be treated accordingly.  Acting like his mother would make him dependent on you or deplete his ego.  Couples are called to be partners and not to fulfill left-over duties by their parents. 
    • I’m-Too-Tired-For-SEX!  She evades intimacy everytime, making the husband feel unwanted.  Note that the husband needs sexual intimacy as it is their expression of love.  Thus, it is best to put lovemaking on the day’s to-do list and condition yourself to play the role of wife when the husband comes home from work. 
    • Super Mom Complex.   There is no harm on being a hands-on mom, but must you do everything yourself?  Give your husband some credit and allow him truly be a part of the family by giving him tasks.  He will thank you for it. 
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