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7 Movies to Watch With Your Daughters or Girlfriends This Christmas
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  • Whether its art imitating life or vice versa, these movies capture the complexities of motherhood and the challenges that come with it -- and by that we don't just mean changing nappies or lack of sleep. These delve deep into the relationships mom have to manage and keep afloat, whether that's with her husband or ex, her kids, and friends. There are a ton of movies about moms, all full of lessons, laughter, and tears, but if you need a starter list, start with these films, which are great for your Christmas me-time, alone, with your daughter or girl friends.  

    For those moms who have little daughters or children

    The animated film Brave features Princess Merida, a strong-minded lady who does not let her skirt-wearing self stop her from doing anything she wants. She clashes with her mother, an admirable woman herself when it's time for her to choose a husband as traditions dictate. Disney Pixar did a good job telling the story of how they resolved things while championing girl power at the same time. Watch with your daughter or alone. (Coincidentally, there is a song with the same title by Sara Bareilles thay you should listen to; it's a fun and confidence-boosting tune for any age!)

    For moms who find themselves burnt by the daily grind

    Bad Moms needs to be watched with your closest mom friends who have a naughty, fun sense of humor (believe us, it's important for this movie). Amy (Mila Kunis) is a mom who has overestimated her ability to be a super mom and tries to do perfectly everything, only to end up with catastrophic results. She finally realizes she's had it with all the demands of motherhood, and that is when a mommy revolt begins. In the age of bashing and shaming, this film reminds every mom that we all do the best we can to raise good kids in our own ways (and style). Nobody is perfect and instead of judging, moms need to support each other.

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    For moms and stepmoms who feel they are constantly walking a tightrope  

    Stepmom is a tearjerker, yes, but it's a movie that captures both sides of a story: a mom (Susan Sarandon) who is having difficulty accepting that her husband has moved on, and a stepmom (Julia Roberts) who feels lost in defining her her relationship with her husband's kids. When Susan's character discovers she is dying of cancer, the two women do their best to unite for the children's future. This film shows that having a harmonious relationship with your partner's ex is possible (we can almost hear some of you shouting, "Yes, but she was dying!")   

    For moms and their modern families

    Smartly written and well-portrayed, The Kids Are All Right may surprise you on the lessons it offers especially when it comes to co-parenting. This award-winning modern dramedy follows two lesbian moms (Annette Bening and Julianne Moore) and their two teenaged children who surprise their moms by seeking for their biological father. They end up finding and introducing him to the family. It provides you a peek into the reality of same-sex marriage couples, and the fact that that they're just the same as regular moms and dads. 

    For moms and daughters who can't seem to see each other eye to eye

    Based on the bestselling novel of Amy Tan, The Joy Luck Club is a classic, and it's a must-watch for all mothers and daughters, even sons, especially when there are intense feelings of generation or cultural gap. It follows the stories of four Chinese moms who have immigrated to the United States, and the struggles they face with daughters whom they feel don't understand or value their heritage. There are moments of giggles, but when the heated arguments ensue, boy, we bet you will relate with at least one character.   

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    What other parents are reading

    For moms or wives who need to find herself again

    Separada isn't a movie that comes to mind during Christmas. But this jolly holiday season can be the loneliest for many solo parents or those struggling with relationship problems. Sometimes you need a really good cry, accompanied by angry fists, and then finally a deep sigh to face a new year. This classic Maricel Soriano starrer may be the movie to accompany you. Ad executive Melissa (Soriano) discovers that her husband has been unfaithful, which leads to their separation. It tackles her journey to healing after a betrayal and regaining her self-worth amidst the challenges of single parenting.

    For parents who live away from their kids in order to provide for their needs

    A Vilma Santos tearjerker is always a great prescription when you need reminding to be thankful for every moment you have with your children. In Anak, she portrays an OFW mom who returns to her family after at least a decade or so of working abroad. She is ready to be a full-time mom again, but painfully discovers it won't be easy facing her children's hurt and resentment. Expect copious tears.    

    What are your best mom flicks? Share with us and tell us why in the comments below or via our Facebook!

    What other parents are reading

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