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  • 9 Tips for an Unforgettable Date Night for Parents

    Busy parents also need time for date night. Here are some tips for an unforgettable date night and reasons to watch the new movie, Date Night.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • When married couple Phil (Steve Carell) and Claire (Tina Fey) go out to dinner in the new comedy Date Night, they’re just trying to change their usual routine.  What they don’t expect is an accidental wild adventure of a lifetime with mistaken identities, crooked cops, and the back room at the Peppermint Hippo. Here are some tips for an exciting date night.

    Look Great.  Put some thought into getting ready and it will boost your confidence level and let your partner know that the night’s going to be sexier than just hanging out.  This also means taking a 10 minute nap if you’re tired or having a snack ahead of time if you get cranky when you’re hungry.
    Have Good Conversation. So, you think you know everything there is to know about each other? Married couples need to invest in good conversation to keep the intimacy alive. Give yourselves the whole night to talk about your lives and what you’re up to without talking about the kids and other mundane household tasks.  
    Pick the Right Spot.  It’s not about the priciest place, it’s about delicious food and a good vibe.  That way the experience sets the right tone and creates an instant memory for the two of you.
    Prep.  For husbands, check whether the place takes reservations. If they do, make one. Get info on parking and whether they accept credit cards. This leaves less room for stress and more room for libidos.

    Be Flexible.  If things don’t go as expected, don’t stress. If yaya calls to report a domestic emergency or your spouse says he will be late, try looking for creative solutions and inject some humor into the situation. Don’t expect things to be perfect but put yourself in a loving frame of mind.
    Focus.  Stay present to each other so you don’t miss out on what your spouse is communicating. Keep your cellphones and laptops out of reach so there are no distractions.  
    Be On Time.  Just because you’re married, it doesn’t mean that you can take it easy and be late for date night. Just like when you were dating, if you’re running late, call up your spouse and make arrangements. That kind of consideration goes a long way.
    Keep it Spicy.  If you’ve been a couple a long time, things can get routine. So to keep things fresh, reminisce about what turned you on while you were still dating.  Encourage each other to take up a new interest and create a real schedule to make it happen. 

    Catch the new movie Date Night.  Starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey it’s a sure fire way to make your night funny and exciting.  Coming in April 9 (Friday) to a theater near you!

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