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  • Real Moms and Their Sex Lives: How Often is Normal?

    We talked to real moms about their sex lives. Find out how they rated their sex lives and how frequently they do the deed.
  • hand on kneeLet’s face it—sex changes after marriage. Exhaustion, boredom and marital problems can complicate sex—not to mention having a child or three sharing the same bed with mommy and daddy. Then you have Cosmo-type articles insinuating that a great sex life involves latex whips, mind-blowing orgasms, live farm animals and coupling three times a week, including religious holidays. What we wanted to find out was what real moms really think about their sex lives.

    We’re opening the doors of the boudoir and getting married women to open up about real, honest-to-goodness sex.  We interviewed various women from all walks of life, distilled the essence and serve it up to you as one potent dose of experience, observations and truth about what sex is like for some real moms.  We’ll show you their most common problems, expectations, fears and discoveries and how these things can be dealt with.



    A Question of Frequency – How Often is Enough For a Normal Sex Life?

    Almost every relationship article will say couples need quality time or that a healthy sex life is part of a happy marriage.  But what exactly is healthy? How often is enough? Three times a week?  Three times a month?

    Does it have to be Michael Bay-Explosions-and-Orchestras-ecstatic ALL the time to say that you’ve got a great sex life?

    From the fifty women we interviewed, we came to a fascinating conclusion: different couples have different levels of frequency of sexual activity. 


    Click here to check out real moms and their stories about their sex lives.

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