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  • Real Moms and Their Sex Lives: Improvement Over Time & Intimate Alternatives

    The good news for married couples is: sex gets better over time! Read on.
  • We conclude our series of articles about real moms and their sex lives with this piece on how sex actually gets better over time.  For the other articles in the series, please check out these links: How Often is Enough, Vaginal Dryness, High Expectations and Stress and Its Effect on Libido.


    Sex DOES Improve Over Time With Married Couples

    couple's silhouetteNot everything is Doom and Gloom.  Some women we interviewed said that they were actually enjoying sex more now.  “I’m more comfortable saying what I want, and not feeling dyahe,” says Cora, a legal secretary.  “Plus after many years, my husband and I know more about each other and are more honest with each other.”


    “When I turned 35, I started going to the gym,” recounts Mitzi, a professional chef. “It was my birthday gift to myself to make myself feel and look young even when the clock was ticking.  As I lost weight, not that I was super thin but I felt good about the way I looked, my interest in sex increased. And mas flexible na ako ngayon!”

    Patricia noticed that her sex life also improved soon after she and her husband survived a marital problem. “I think it reinforced the fact that we loved each other and wanted to work things out. The problem wasn’t completely solved, but the commitment was more solid. I think that brought us closer together and our sex life reflected that.”


    Click here to read more about how real moms' sex lives can improve over time and intimate alternatives.

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