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  • 'Yakap Muna Bago Tulog!' What You Do After Sex Is Crucial To Your Union

    If a parent sets aside time for sex, make it worthwhile.
    by Rachel Perez .
'Yakap Muna Bago Tulog!' What You Do After Sex Is Crucial To Your Union
  • Remember when you were younger, probably on your honeymoon, you'd fall asleep after sex because you had awesome sex. But when you already have kids, chances are you're just exhausted, period. You've barely had the energy for it. 

    Relationship experts say what a couple does after sex is indicative of the state of their relationship. One research had gone on the record to say that whoever falls asleep first is more likely to leave the other. But does it apply to parents? Not exactly.

    Both men and women crave cuddling after sex.

    Let's face it: Men like a lot of kissing before sex, while women want it even after the deed. Husbands might want to kiss a lot more after sex more if they want a second round. 

    But some experts suggest that cuddling, kissing, and pillow talk after sex are linked to sexual satisfaction in both men and women. Others say cuddling before and after may be essential to the relationship happiness.

    According to an in-depth study published in The Journal of Sex Research, holding each other, cuddling or saying I-love-you's make an impact on both sexes. But it does weigh just a tad bit more on women

    Survival instincts explains that women care more for the survival of their offspring than making more babies. Statistics also prove that women don't often reach climax, unlike men who do almost every time. Ladies are also wired in such a way that their heart influences their decision more, so they aim for more stable, long-term bonds than an excellent sexy romp. 

    After-sex cuddles are essential, especially for parents.

    Moms, most notably, may want to make it valuable. If and when they set aside time for sex — and it's hard to squeeze that in a schedule that already doesn't leave time for her to have a proper shower — it'll be worth the trouble. (Don't underestimate how tempting it is to choose sleep over sex.)

    It's not even about lasting longer in bed until they reach the Big-O. Women want after-sex cuddles or conversations to facilitate more bonding and connection

    After having kids, a couple's sex life isn't the same. It's easy to lose each other in the middle of feeding, diaper changes, and the like. Getting intimate is difficult when there's a little one attached to your breast every two to three hours. But intimacy isn't just about sex.  

    Another good news is that after-sex activities don't have to be tiring or cheesy or even take up too much time. Try sharing a snack or watching an episode of your favorite show. It can be as simple as trying to fall asleep in each other's arms -- no words needed. 

    Just remember to listen and try not to doze off if your partner wants to talk. Also, resist the urge to pay more attention to your phone when your partner is trying to have a conversation. Unless she wants to go to asleep first. Remeber, happy wife, hapy life! 

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