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  • Here are ten great movie choices to get dads of all ages, shapes, sizes, persuasions, affiliations and temperaments on that day we say thanks for being there for us. Get ready to break out a six-pack, microwave the popcorn, sit back on your favorite couch and enjoy the ride!

    Taken (2008)



    Liam Neeson is your average unassuming, semi-retired dad who enjoys barbeques and beers with friends and his only care is his daughter, who is on holiday in Paris. But when she is kidnapped and forced into a white slavery ring, daddy reveals that he used to be a CIA operative who has some pretty scary skills and a grudge worse than an undead Japanese girl. Paris becomes his hunting ground as he stalks his prey while seeking out his daughter.   

    Why dads will like it: This flick will have you chewing your nails to stumps and yelling, “Yeah!!! Tear him a new @$$#*!&!" You have to admire Neeson’s portrayal of Bryan Mills – this is the kind of guy who’s got it completely under control, who has a plan. He knows what he’s doing and won’t hesitate to get the job done.

    Most memorable scene: It’s fascinating and disturbing as to what lengths Bryan will go to save his daughter. It’s a toss-up between him dealing with the married couple of Jean Claude and Isabelle and Marko the thug. You do not want to trade places with any of these people for all the gold in Switzerland.

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