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'He's Always Present,' Dimples Romana Lauds Husband Boyet Ahmee For Being An Amazing Dad
  • We have heard a lot of stories about moms who quit their job so that they can stay home and care for their children. But there are only few stories of dads who would give up their career to be a more present parent. It is becoming more common these days, as more parents are breaking the bias against gender-based roles at home.

    Actress and host Dimples Romana took to Instagram his appreciation for her husband, Boyet Ahmee

    The actress, who recently gave birth to their third child Elio, said she is still recovering from a Caesarean operation last June 23. 

    She posted a photo of her husband putting Elio to bed. She wrote, "@papaboyetonline in his best light."

    They have been married for 19 years, and Dimples said, she can never discount how Boyet has been a present father to their kids.

    "B quit his corporate job a decade back. He decided to just invest in others’ businesses and focus on being a husband and a dad. It wasn’t a popular decision then, we found ourselves having to explain why we chose this set up but eventually people understood," Dimples said.

    She admits, she spends most of her time at work when they had their firstborn, Callie.

    "We felt at that time that we had to make certain adjustments for our family to thrive and somehow get financial stability without having to sacrifice the way we wanted to raise our kids. Though it would’ve been nice sana kung dalawa kaming present palagi for the kids, we can’t."


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    She said, they made the decision because they don't want their kids to have not even one parent at home.

    "And ever since we made that decision together, Callie had her dad present in every moment in her life - mundane and momentous. Every swimming, figure skating and tennis practice. Every random date to the mall, watch a movie, see a concert, he was there with her."

    Dimples continued, "And then came Alonzo, B brings him to school everyday, face-to-face pre-pandemic, and online school. Boyet had to relearn first grade lessons and start over, he didn’t mind. He was always present. Now that Kuya Alonzo plays ice hockey, he puts on maybe 10-15 pieces of clothing and gear, they go an hour to skate prior to actual scrimmage, B patiently does this and I have seen the joy in his eyes when he watches our boy play."

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    Now that she is still recovering from a major operation, and with the demands of having a newborn at home, Dimples said she appreciates Boyet even more.

    "The past week I have been weak, in pain a lot because of my C-Section, I haven’t been much help to him in taking care of Elio. But not once did I hear him complain having to carry him over and over with the late night til morning staring contests with baby Elio, he’s always present."

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    Benefits of being a present dad

    While there are several studies that discuss the effects of a mother's presence to a child, there are only few literature about the effects of having a present dad to a child. 

    Paul Amato, PhD, a sociologist who studies parent-child relationships at Pennsylvania with their children told Fatherly, “When fathers are actively involved with their children, children do better,” says Paul Amato, PhD.

    “There needs to be a minimum amount of time spent together, but the quality of time is more important than the quantity of time,” Amato says. “Just watching television together, for example, isn’t going to help much.”

    According to Healthline, here are some of the benefits when there is a parent at home, regardless if it's mom or dad.

    • less to zero child care costs
    • ability to have daily input in how your child is raised and exactly what they’re taught/fed/allowed to do
    • always being available should your child become sick or injured
    • bonding with your child

    When a couple decides that the father should stay home to be the caregiver rather than the mother, it leads to a greater appreciation for the partner's effort, which can help in building their relationship.

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    Ultimately, sharing stories about stay-at-home dads can help to positively alter perceptions and stigma surrounding masculinity, caregiving, and fatherhood.

    Whether the mom or dad stays home and the other becomes the provider, it is their decision and it should always be for the best interest of the family.


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