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  • Can’t get enough of husbands and wives and their eccentricities?  Here are some more excerpts from couples and the habits that drive couples crazy (Part 1 and 2 ).
    George, from Paco, Manila, 36 years old:
    1. Spoiled. She wants me beside her. All the %@#$! time.  Even if she wants to go to bed by 9pm and I wanna play with my Wii or surf on the net or watch CSI, I have to be beside her.  At 9pm!  Every night!  I feel like a yaya!
    2. Shopping and Portion Control. I also have to be her yaya while shopping.  We go to all these places with make-up and shoes and clothes and shoes and kitchenware and shoes!  She likes to walk until uugud-ugud na tuhod ko and when we finally get to eat, she does this really cruel thing. It’s called Portion Control.  Tinatantsa na kanin ko, then for dessert, nirarasyon pa ang tsokolate ko to two pieces the size of flash disks!  
    3. Computer hog. She hogs my computer even though she has her own na katabi lang ng PC ko!  She’s tinatamad to turn hers on.
    4. Mewling. She makes this mewling, whiny sound like a puskal in heat.  That’s bad news ‘coz she’s in The Mood. The Mood is not when she’s turned on, oh no.  It’s when she’s tired after a long day at the office, or irritated and wishes for ME to join her in her misery!  So she makes the Whiny Noise and lies on the bed and annoys me until I want to strangle her!  So I just tickle her instead and she usually stops afterwards.
    5. Drools. When she sleeps, she also drools on her pillow and on the blankets!  Then she blames me for it!


    Marife from Mumbai, India, 29 years old:
    1. He loves to play the guitar and when he does, he leaves the guitar and its case in the middle of our bedroom. So then I trip over it all the time. Not until I tell him to pack it up or I do it myself that it goes back to where it's supposed to be stored.

    2. The way he drives...he holds on to the steering wheel with straight arms like a robot. It is so not cool!  He looks so stiff and a big geek in a sleek car!

    3. He walks around the house naked with all the curtains open for everyone to see!

    4. I always bite his bum…  Nakakagigil!

    5. Lastly...the way he licks the tip of my nose and then blows on it so it makes me feel cold! 

    Remember that going beyond petty differences and working together to make compromises is an essential dynamic that keeps the flames alive long after the romance is but a memory.  And if you can’t deal with it, there’s always the option of putting cyanide in his morning coffee. Just kidding.  Put down the cyanide. While habits that drive couples crazy can’t be reversed, each spouse can always make an adjustment and learn to these habits in perspective.

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