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PH Ranks 2nd in Asia When It Comes to Happy, Loving Relationships
PHOTO BY courtesy of Pru Life UK
  • Pinoys have a reputation for their hospitality and how we strive to get along with other people (or at least we try our best). So it's no surprise to find out we have the best relationships compared to our Asian neighbors.

    The Pru Life UK Relationship Index (PRI) report, which serves to learn the state of relationships of Filipinos, reveals that the Philippines ranked second out of 10 countries in Asia with an index score of 79 out of 100 (Vietnam took first place). A PRI of 100 means a person’s primary relationship delivers 100 percent of what they want from that relationship. Based on the score, Filipinos feel their partners deliver 74 percent of what they require (clap, clap, clap).

    In fact, Filipinos constantly express their love for each other, more than anyone else in Asia. We apparently tell our partners  “I love you” once a week (87%); 68 percent do it every day. Filipinos are most likely in the region to share intimate moments with their partners (87%), and 89 percent kiss each other at least once a week (come on, guys, let's do this every day!).

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    However, while Filipinos scored the second highest index with their partners, they are also the ones who are likely to get angry. Thirty-five percent say they argue with their partners at least once a week, the highest in the region (yikes).

    The most likely source of disagreement turns out to be money (46 percent of couples). Tension is high between married couples over who decides where the money goes, according to the survey. The men (48 percent) say they are the ones who have the most responsibility in making major financial decisions. But the women disagree: only 13% of married women say their partners have the most control spending on big ticket items. 


    By the way, technology and how it's eating away time for couple’s intimacy was also a frequent topic of argument between couples. Many think thought their partners were spending too much time on computers or smartphones. But, they're willing to give up tech for a day just to spend more time with their significant other (aww).

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    What factors do Filipinos rate highly in determining whether their relationship is a success? If you want to keep your partner and make her happy (we're using a female voice here, but it works both ways), here's what works: 

    • 84% rates alone time with their significant other as highly important compared to the rest of the region. 
    • 84 % value partners who respect their individuality (the highest in Asia).
    • 82% says honesty counts. 
    • 79% will be loyal to a partner who makes her laugh.
    • 78% just wants someone who is easy to get along with 
    • 74% desires a partner who will stand up for her. 
    • 37% of the women considers it important for the men to help out with the kids more

    When it comes to the parent-and-child relationship, PRI's data shows we have again the highest relationship score compared to the region's average score. Bonding with their children is important for Filipino parents, 90 percent of whom say their kids talk to them for at least an hour at a time. 86 percent say that their children do something that makes  them proud at least once a week; 53 percent say their children do so every day.

    Filipino parents also dispense advice regularly. Ninety percent of  parents say they give their children some advice at least once a week, including 59 percent who do so every day (if your daughter accuses you of nagging, show her this article). And kids better listen up, according to 43 percent of parents who consider this an important trait, more than any other country in the region. So it's no surprise they are also the most likely in the region to think it is  important that children accept criticism: 40 percent in the Philippines compared with an average of 29% in the region.

    Compared to neighboring countries who participated in the survey, however, Filipinos have less fulfilling relationships with their parents than they do with their partners and with their children. We scored lower than those recorded in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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