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  • Human beings are creatures of habit. They have good habits like brushing their teeth daily, and bad habits like examining the contents of their nostrils with their index fingers. Now, when human beings get married, they have a mishmash of good and bad habits coming together.  Certain habits are cute, like a little lisp, a girlish giggle, or the way his eyebrows meet like a fuzzy centipede. Others are a bit more irritating, like having a fierce nocturnal tug-of-war for the thickest blanket in the bedroom during a typhoon. Some, like revealing the ending of a movie while still in the theater, incite psychotic behavior. Whatever they are, there are bound to be some habits that drive couples crazy.

    Want a sneak peek into what annoys some couples?  Here’s a sample of a spouse speaking candidly about those little habits that, while they may not be grounds for divorce, are certainly punishable by death by pillow whacking:
    Iris from Libis, Quezon City, 64 years old:
    1. Wrong timing! At the top of my list is just when I am settling into a lounge chair to start reading a good book, my darling asks me to do something for him—to attach a file to an email he is sending, cut his nails, sew a button, etc., etc.  The slave obeys!  It's not that I don't want to do things for him, but the timing is somehow almost always off...Sigh!
    2. Channel surfing. While watching a program or a commercial (yes I like watching commercials that are new or unique) and something interesting is going on, he would suddenly change channels and when I protest, he goes back, but the scene is over!  Grrr...
    3. TV white noise. When he watches TV and falls asleep but wakes up the moment I shut off the TV!  He's like a child when he falls asleep—you can walk around him, you can even dance naked in front of him and he won’t notice, but he wakes up the moment you put him on the bed!  Not really irritating, just puzzling…  I think I am more upset when I hear him watching the same news on CNN over and over again!  Hello!
    4. Forgetfulness. When he looks for something from me that I had already given him (and vice versa—we are at that age when forgetfulness or absentmindedness make us say grace before meals sometimes 2 or 3 times because we forget if we had said our prayers!  Di bale, lampas langit na kami!)
    5. No hurry. When something needs to get done but he does not want to be hurried to act on something kahit abutin na ng buwan at taon!  And he does not like to be reminded about it!  Like the bedroom ceiling that is starting to peel from the beam like a can of sardines being opened from one corner! Dalawa na po sila!  Ayaw namang i-delegate sa akin!
    6. Messy. Just this morning we had ground chicken omelet neatly served.  Where does he take his portion? You're right!  Right from the middle of the omelet so it looks so messy or uka-uka after he's been through it!  Maybe he likes it symmetrical?


    But he says he loves me todo-todo and that makes all the difference!

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    Do any of these habits that drive couples crazy sound familiar? Share some of your own below. Leave a comment.

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