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  • Have Baby, Will Date

    Once the quintessential party girl, this single mom shares how having her son has taught her lessons about life and love.
    by Maan Pamaran .
  • Ros & Rus FajardoOne of the tasks a parent is charged with is bringing up a child well by teaching it important life lessons, and seldom is it the other way around. But this is exactly the story of Ros Fajardo's life.

    “During my early 20’s, I was a rolling stone that gathered no moss,” pretty and petite Ros shares. “After my mother lost her battle with cancer, I landed my first job in an embassy. Earning a degree in International Studies, I was fairly disillusioned to discover that the work of a local staff was not glamorous at all. It was during this period that my father met a major car accident. Partly on a whim and partly to escape my sad reality, I flew to New York City to try to snag a job in the United Nations. Although this plan did not materialize, I eventually got hired as a technical writer in a law firm. Put a single girl in her 20’s in the Big Apple and what do you get? A working girl during the day and a party fiend at night! I would start drinking with friends at 8 p.m. and then go clubbing until 2 or 3 in the morning. I would only go home to shower and change my clothes, get on the subway and then doze off. I can’t count the times I missed my stop because of oversleeping.


    From time to time, my friends and I would drive to Foxwoods or Atlantic City. One time, I had gotten so drunk that I blew my week’s pay on baccarat and the slot machines. After my stint at the law firm, I came home to a family whose members had gone their separate ways. All my sisters were busy with their families, and I began to struggle with pangs of loneliness and isolation. You can say that partying became my form of escapism.”

    It was at one of these night-outs that the articulate young lady met Russ’ father. “I saw the guy in a club and I, of course, was drinking again. To cut the long, sad story short, we got together, although, had I been given a choice, I would not have picked him. But I decided to stick it out with this guy because of a very low self-esteem!”

    Soon afterward, the relationship went on a downward spiral. “Needless to say, the circumstances by which we met did not lay the groundwork for a healthy relationship. He did not know me from a hole in the wall and overall dismissed me as loose, someone he would never take seriously. Occasionally, we would touch on the subject of the future and marriage - which on hindsight was his way of managing me, but the succeeding events made it impossible to conceive spending our life together.”

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