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Vicki Belo Reveals Hayden Kho Does Her Makeup When They Travel Abroad
PHOTO BY Instagram/@victoria_belo
  • As if we didn't already know Hayden Kho Jr. and Dr. Vicki Belo are the cutest couple ever, they've revealed little unknown facts that can prove it further. For one, did you know that Hayden agreed to getting hair and makeup lessons so he can do Vicki's glam while traveling? No kidding!

    On the beauty doctor's YouTube channel, Vicki and Hayden shared their love for traveling. They often went overseas together before the pandemic happened, but they often struggled with one thing: Dr. Vicki always had to have her hair and makeup done before they start their day. If not, she had to at least have her hair blow-dried.

    Thing is, glam services can be expensive abroad, so Vicki came up with a solution. She asked her husband if he can learn to do hair and makeup for her, and after some sweet talking, he agreed!

    hayden kho got lessons to do dr. vicki belo's hair and makeup
    PHOTO BY Instagram/dochayden

    Explaining why he agreed, Hayden explains, "I said yes because immediately, win-win. If bad hair day siya, bad day for me. So might as well, it'll save me time it will save us also money kasi hanap pa kami ng parlor doon." But, the Belo managing director adds, he said he will do it on one condition: "I will learn, but never tell anyone na natuto ako."


    So, Vicki enlisted the help of her friends Lucy Britanico and Fred Penales, the owners of Hairshaft Salon. Fred personally taught Hayden hair and makeup techniques, which the latter showed off in the vlog. Before this lesson, Hayden shares that his only background with makeup was when he was still modeling and he would bring his own concealer and foundation to work. Now, not only can he blow-dry his wife's hair, he even knows how to color-correct and put on eyeshadow for her!

    hayden kho does vicki belo's makeup
    PHOTO BY YouTube/Dr. Vicki Belo

    After the lesson, Vicki was so proud of her husband that she couldn't help breaking their promise to keep it a secret—she told her friends all about it that very night! "Of course gusto ko malaman nila he's so sweet," the celebrity doctor says. "It's the fact that you'll go out of your way to make me happy."

    Vicki also mentioned that Hayden once tried to cook for her, despite not knowing how to do so. "He looked it up on YouTube," she shares, and they ended up having a homemade full course meal together!

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    Isn't that the sweetest? Now we think Hayden should show off his hairstyling skills next!

    Watch the full video on Dr. Vicki Belo's channel below:

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