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  • It feels like yesterday when I had my first ultrasound and found out I was pregnant. I waited two months before going to an OB-Gyne just to make sure it wasn’t a false pregnancy. I had mixed emotions as I looked at the monitor and saw the “little seed” that would soon turn into the little angel I hold now. I couldn’t help but think about how people might judge me, not to mention, how my parents would react. At eighteen, people would view my situation as a “scandal,” the perfect fodder for gossip. I admit I was a bit ashamed, nahihiya. People expect a lot from my dad, who is a senator, and my mom, who is an actress and TV host; this leaves them with little room for mistakes. But nobody’s perfect naman, ‘di ba?
    The ordeal of breaking the news to my parents

    I knew my parents would be very disappointed. Vince and I couldn’t sleep for weeks because we didn’t know how and when to tell them I was pregnant. I asked my friends what they thought would happen. They told me, “Sa una lang yan. Hindi ka matitiis niyan. Pag nakita nila yung anak mo, mawawala na yung galit nila.” I thought, “Does that mean that until the baby arrives, they’d stay mad at me?” My dad didn’t talk to me for weeks. Mom was forgiving enough to call me every day to ask if I was doing okay. In a month’s time, Vince and I were planning our wedding. My dad, always the generous one, wanted me to have my dream wedding. It was only then that I truly realized how much they love me. It was overwhelming. All throughout, my parents were very understanding and supportive. Even though it was painful for them to see their “little girl” walk down the aisle, they didn’t stop me from marrying the father of my child.
    Getting married for love


    My mom told me that two people should be mature mentally and physically, and be stable emotionally and financially before they can decide to marry. If there was even the slightest doubt in one’s heart, one shouldn’t get married. Vince and I decided to get married not because we were forced to or because I was pregnant. We were getting married because we love each other. I love Vince very much. That’s all I can say. This might sound “cheesy,” but I have never felt this way for someone before. He is my best friend, boyfriend, lover, and husband. We don’t have a perfect relationship. We fight and resolve things like any other couple. But we don’t let other people’s opinions interfere with our relationship because we know each other better than anyone else. To sum it up, Vince and I complement each other; that’s essential for all couples.
    Enjoying the perks of pregnancy

    Pregnancy has its perks, like I could eat more than 2,000 calories a day! Ha, ha! I don’t understand how women can starve themselves while they’re pregnant. It feels so good to eat! People are also extra nice to you during the nine-month wait. If you go inside a store, there’d be a chair ready for you, and they’d always offer to carry your stuff. I think pregnant women are the most spoiled people in the world, in a very good way. I will miss this stage because I don’t plan on getting pregnant again in the next five years.
    The birth of an angel

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    One day in September, I was on my way to the kitchen when I suddenly felt a gush of water between my legs. The moment I had been waiting for so long had finally arrived! It was surreal to finally be in labor. Vince and I immediately went to the hospital; I wanted to make sure I was already in my active labor phase. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t feel any pain. However, I was told by the resident doctor in the hospital, “You’re sure to be confined. You’re already four centimeters dilated!” I didn’t know how to react. I was scared and excited at the same time. I had no idea how painful labor was going to be or how long it would take. I had a lot of questions in my head, foremost of which was, “Am I going to be a good mom?” Five hours later, my doctor told me they had to do a C-section to get my baby out because she wasn’t “crowning.” Thanks to a very good anesthesiologist and my Ob-Gyne, Alexa was delivered safely and pain-free.

    I was awake during the whole procedure with Vince holding my hand and my mom taking pictures. Vince tried his best not to look at the view beyond my neck. At 6:59 p.m., Alexa Daniella Bautista del Rosario was finally born. No words could explain how wonderful that moment was. Vince and my mom were taking pictures and cuddling Alexa. They then showed my little angel to me. The first thing I noticed was that she had big feet, a good sign that she was going to be tall. Alexa never fails to brighten up my day. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I will give anything and do everything for her because I love her with all my heart. Seeing her makes me want to be the best person I can be. I don’t think that one can love her baby too much. Everything I went through was worth it the moment I saw her. She makes my life complete.

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