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  • Is Your Spouse Having An Affair? 7 Ways To Catch Him Cheating With Your Mobile Phone

    Most cheating activities are done online.
    by Rachel Perez .
Is Your Spouse Having An Affair? 7 Ways To Catch Him Cheating With Your Mobile Phone
  • “If there is smoke, there’s fire.” This is especially true if you and your partner have known or been together for years, and you suspect cheating. Women call it instinct, but without proof, it’s just a baseless accusation. 

    Let us be clear: The best way to tread this sensitive topic is to have an honest conversation with your partner about your relationship. Couples’ counseling is also an excellent option to work towards learning to trust your partner again. 

    But if you tried it and it isn’t working, how can you get evidence? Everyone has a smartphone or access to a computer, sending messages, photos, and videos, so there’s a digital trail that you can uncover.

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    How to gather techy evidence of cheating 

    In modern times like today, you should improve your techy skills, which will help in gathering evidence to prove your partner’s infidelity. Digital lifestyle writer Kim Komando, shared some ways you can dig into your spouse’s digital footprint using the computer or phone.

    1. Silent, hidden phone, separate SIM card 

    Most people have locks or personal identification numbers on their phones. Still, spouses typically don’t deliberately hide their phones from their spouses. Cheaters, on the other hand, are always protective of their phones.

    Notifications can be a hassle, not only because of the sound or lights it emits. If the screen is visible to you, you may see who the message is from and the first part of the message, unless your partner has a privacy screen installed. A privacy screen makes the smartphone’s screen visible to the person directly looking at it so that itself can be a clue. 


    Even the lack of notification can be suspicious. A common workaround is to use a second phone or SIM card. You can check this by trying to make a call to your mobile phone from your partner’s phone to check if it’s the same number you have of your partner.

    2. Cloud storage service

    If your spouse is sending personal letters and kinky files and photos to another person, he or she would be foolish to keep them on their phone or computer. Check if your spouse suddenly has a new cloud storage subscription. It’s even more telling if you find encrypted folders after accessing his cloud storage with his password. 

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    3. Scroll down the files to check for hidden messages

    This often works for cheaters who have an affair with work colleagues, or work is their consistent alibi. Check Google Docs or Microsoft 365 files until the very end. In the beginning, it may look like a legit work document until you scroll down and reveals its real purpose.

    4. Look for hidden messages in audio or photo files

    If your partner is suddenly into music or photography that he totally ignores before, it could be a clue. You might be looking at a shot of Mt. Everest, but it’s actually a naked photo. Cheaters use tools like OurSecret or QuickStego to send hidden messages or pictures. To unlock this, you need to know a particular keystroke or code which you need to get manually.

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    5. Location history

    Most people, especially those who drive their own cars, have their GPS on. Looking at your partner’s location history can point out any outliers or frequent;y visited spots that are unusual or unfamiliar to you. 

    Android users will find it in the Google Timeline feature in the Google Maps function. iPhone users’ location history can be found in Settings, Privacy, Location Services, System Services, and then Significant Locations. You can also try to use the Find My Phone or Find My iPhone feature, if turned on, to track your spouse’s location. Apps such as Find My Friends and Life 360 offer similar tracking services. 

    6. Try every letter or combo of the alphabet for autofill entries. 

    Cheaters remember how to clear their web history, but auto-fill is harder to trick. Search engines are pretty effective in guessing what you will type based on everything you have ever searched before. Start typing the letters of the alphabet or combinations of it and see if any online dating sites come up.

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    7. Check the trash items

    It’s basic detective work, only online. An email or computer’s trash or recycle bin retains the items until it’s emptied. Some smartphones also have this. Cloud services can also let you restore items from the trash.

    8. See first on social media

    Of course, you and your partnet should be friends on social media and he's probably made your relationship Facebook-official. If you get access, check his search history and activity log for something suspicious. 


    Again, these ways to get proof can only get you so far, but iit might help you build your case. Still, if you suspect your spouse is having an affair, we'd have to insist on having that conversation with your partner. 

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