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  • Frustrated Mom To Husbands: Don't Wait To Be Asked To Do Chores; Just Do Something.

    A mom close to her breaking point writes an open letter to her better half
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
Frustrated Mom To Husbands: Don't Wait To Be Asked To Do Chores; Just Do Something.
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  • Marriage in its real sense is a partnership between two people who promise to stand by each other, for better or for worse. But, as many wives are finding out, some husbands seem to have forgotten that this sacred vow includes household chores, too. 

    In an open letter published on Mom.com, a wife bravely put into words what many of us would only keep in our thoughts. From her writing we know that she’s also a mom.

    In it, she wishes that her husband (who’s “a great dad, a great man,” by the way) would step up in the chores department, given how busy every single day at home is. 

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    “You ask me why I’m cranky when we’re here at home on any given weeknight and everything should otherwise be hunky-dory. Sometimes I respond with a soft and resigned ‘Nothing, I’m just tired,’ and sometimes I snap back with a sharp ‘I’m just effing tired!’ Sometimes, I just yell about something unrelated and random,” she writes.


    But, other than checking up on her with a well-intentioned “What can I do?” every now and then, her husband doesn’t seem to have any idea how to help her out — which frustrates her even more.

    “I’m tired of delegating and constantly giving what I feel like are ‘orders.’ 

    “So, instead of asking how you can help, just do something—ANYTHING,” she writes.

    She then proceeds to make an actual list of chores for “husbands such as yourself who seem to seek permission and/or instruction.” Sarcasm aside, here are some of them that resonate well:

    “If the dirty clothes bin is overflowing, feel free to toss a load of laundry in the wash without asking me.

    “Pick up a gallon of milk if you notice we’re running low in the fridge (as opposed to stating ‘Hey, we’re out of milk.’ Yes, I know.)

    “If you notice the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, I give you permission to unload them into the cabinets.

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    “Feed [the] children dinner instead of asking, ‘What’s for dinner?’

    “Take the trash out.

    “Fix a bed. Any bed.”

    And finally, she ends her list with this: “The most valuable thing you can do without asking first: Say thank you.

    “‘Thank you, wife, for taking care of all you do. I know you’re pooped and I just want you to know that I notice everything you do and appreciate that YOU are the one who keeps us in motion, positively growing and successful. It’s all you, and I thank you.’”

    Can you relate, moms?

    Indeed, being appreciated is sometimes all a mom needs to keep her going. So, husbands, a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to your wife is in order. 

    Don’t make her ask you twice.

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