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  • In Touch Parenting for Dads: “Boy’s Day Out!”

    Dad and contributor Robert Bernal Del Rosario shares the joys and rewards that dads spending some quality bonding time with their son provides.
    by Rob Del Rosario .
  • Time: A Parent’s Best Gift to His Child
    It’s common knowledge that time is the best gift we can offer our children. And even time itself is in accord with this fact, as children who grow up spending genuine quality moments with their parents become confident, considerate and respectful adults. Oftentimes, we see parents bringing their kids out, but more typical are either mothers or yayas, or both strolling through parks or malls.  

    Boy’s Day Out: Quality Father-Son Bonding

    father and sonI’ve been a father to Brayden for a wonderful 22 months now. My Dad, although extremely kind, loving and generous to us was greatly occupied with work, and the brief, rare moments after a long day, that he would take out a laser gun and play mock space battles around the furniture are treasured memories. I however, adhering somewhat to the “in touch” parenting ethos of this generation and for no other reason than love, decided to step up the game and have solo time with my son. My wife and I call it “Boy’s Day Out” and have been doing so once or twice a week since Bray was five months old.

    I’m a student, a business owner and a dedicated athlete…yet as the old adage tells us, “the busy man has time for everything”, and with that in mind, I have a lot of tick tock to spare. It’s all about, a man, a plan, and a car seat for me. Plus durable cargo shorts that can lug a water bottle for the both of us, and a small towel. The rule is: No strollers. Nothing I can’t stuff in my pockets and nothing that can hinder carrying, holding or walking my son. Everything is personal. It’s just about me, my boy and the whole new world he’ll eventually explore on his own.

    We don’t always have to visit a play place. It could be just a few hours in the mall, or a brief grocery run.  Believe me, I’ve found myself with eight bags of what-nots from my wife’s list with my son on my shoulders. But yes, I know how to roll safely. Naturally that’s my primary objective. That’s why a car seat is a must, and if we decide to go on foot, I make sure I cross the streets with extreme caution. My son and I take time to explore. Now that he’s running, I let him take the lead, and sometimes go off on his own as I sprint with him. We cap the early evening with a meal, and come home with Brayden elated to see his Mom, and the hyper-cycle begins anew for another hour until he just literally, falls asleep.



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