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  • More Habits That Drive Couples Crazy (Part 2 of 3)

    Does your spouse have a really irritating habit? Check out what two people have to share about their spouses and find out if you’re in the club.
    by Julian Vorpal .
  • Do you think your husband drives you batty with the way he behaves?  Does your man look a little peeved about your own little idiosyncrasies?  Here are more interviews from various spouses and habits that drive couples crazy (Caution – not for the faint of heart or stomach).
    Dr. Eric, from Balara, Quezon City, 49 years old:

    1. She reads the newspapers while doing #2, all the sections sometimes.

    2. She has to pray the rosary every night before sleeping, even when I am horny. (I can survive on a short evening prayer, or no prayer at all when I am horny).

    3. She gets sleepy by 9 PM, give or take 10 minutes…And praying the rosary makes her sleepier.

    4. She leaves her used undergarments on the towel hook. 

    But I have managed to make most of these things less irritable: 

    #1 has become a photo op!  (Yes, picture that veeeery clearly in your mind…)

    #2 is an exercise in perseverance and patience; these are important to remaining faithful.

    #3 is still a struggle.

    #4 awakens some perverted fetish!

    Celeste, from Ayala, Alabang, Muntinlupa, 38 years old:
    Okay, find a seat, and prepare for the worst....

    1. Dumping used clothes inches from the laundry hamper, or worse, on top of the laundry hamper cover!

    2. Fiddling with his EXTREMELY DEEP belly button - while watching TV - eyeewww.

    3. Eating smelly kimchi at the dinner table—when he's the only one who likes it.

    4. Farting at will just to hear you yell in protest.


    5. Drinking from the water pitcher—when you have two dozen drinking glasses in the cupboard.

    6. He doesn't know how to flush...and it's really ick-y!

    7. Eating the last block of chocolate you’ve been hoarding away for dessert.

    8. Starting a tickle fest with the kids…  At freaking 11pm in the evening!  Can you imagine the neighbors?!? 

    Yet at the core of it all, humans are social animals.  We have to strive to overcome these little obstacles because in the end, these habits are what make us distinct.  Learning how to deal with minor annoyances in life is part of a healthy marriage.  And for those who have had it up to their necks with these minor annoyances, we suggest such relaxing pastimes such as combat shooting, alligator wrestling, skydiving and crochet to take the edge off the stress.

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