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  • Praise and Play – How To Teach Your Kids About God

    Teachermama Tina Rodriguez gives you a few simple suggestions on how you can teach your preschooler on knowing God and living out their faith.
    by Teachermama Tina Rodriguez .
  • The infancy to preschool years are probably one of, if not, the most crucial stages of development of every child. Children at this age are literally “sponges” – whatever input they receive, whether positive or negative, will have a definite impact on their lives. Their most important teachers, and in most cases, their only teachers, at this point are their parents. We moms and dads have an important role to play in the molding and shaping of the leaders of tomorrow. When we talk about leaving a legacy for our children, let us think long and hard about what kind of “inheritance” we want to leave them. In the long run, this author believes that the legacy of faith, hope and love for God is far better than any material riches we could hand on to our kids.

    kid prayingHow then does one go about teaching one’s children about God? Praise and play can sum up the following tried and tested methods this mom uses in incorporating faith-filled activities in her kids’ days. (Note: Although these activities are mostly aimed at kids of the Catholic faith, they can be modified to suit one’s religion and/or beliefs).


    1. Include God in their lives from the moment of conception. Once a woman is confirmed to be pregnant, start to include God in everything you do that is related to the baby. Don’t just focus on preparing baby’s clothes, beddings, crib and other things, but focus also on letting baby know that he is loved and special, a true gift from God.

    Sing praise songs and listen to inspirational and Gospel music and lullabies while laying your hands on your growing tummy. Set aside a special bonding time for Dad, you and baby every day – both of you can “talk” to baby and let her know how special she is. You could also lay your hands over your tummy and pray for Baby’s good health and development.

    Once Baby is born, continue to sing and praise and affirm baby of God’s love and care through the way you take care of her. Respond to her needs promptly, and even when baby turns into a wanting-to-be-independent-getting-into-everything toddler, show her that you respect and love her as God’s creation by your words and actions.


    Click here to see more ways on how to teach your child about God the fun way.

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