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  • 5 Reasons 'Through Night And Day' Is A Great Movie For Your Date Night At Home

    There's a reason this movie has made men and women, married or not, cry buckets of tears.
    by Rachel Perez .
5 Reasons 'Through Night And Day' Is A Great Movie For Your Date Night At Home
PHOTO BY Viva Films/Through Night And Day
  • The movie Through Night And Day premiered on Netflix on July 9 and has been the number 1 watched movie in the streaming service since then.

    It's about Jen (Alessandra De Rossi) and Ben (Paolo Contis), a couple who have been together since high school and have decided to take a two-week vacation in Iceland before they tie the knot. It's their first vacation ever and as many couples know, it's going to test their relationship. What happens in their trip is for you to find out when you watch it.

    5 reasons to watch Through Night And Day with your special someone 

    Even if you're not a fan of romantic comedies, make it your movie date night at home, and you will not regret it. Jen and Ben may not be married, but it's a good refresher on what commitment means and how to make relationships work. Here's why:

    1. The movie will remind you of your trips together. 


    Don't underestimate the power of nostalgia. Going on your first couple vacation is never perfect. You may have been young then, or maybe you didn't plan out everything as smoothly as you do now, or maybe even made adventurous decisions. You will laugh about these stories now. 

    2. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. 

    It's not about how long you've known each other, or how much you think you know each other. Your partner can do something that may surprise you or is out of character. It's up to you how you deal with it. Clue: There's always room for a little more understanding.

    3. The movie proves compromise is essential. 

    You should know by now that you and your partner do not always see eye to eye on everything. One will have to make way for the other. This is a good time to check if one has always done so because, as with any relationship, both should give and take equally.

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    4. Being honest upfront will always have its merits.

    Surprises are fun, but information that may impact your relationship or your future together may be better voiced out the first chance you get. It's better to be honest and sorry than keep something from your partner. Tricky conversations need not always turn into fights.

    5. Love, friendship, and respect prevail. 

    It doesn't have to get ugly when you and your partner are not on good terms or giving each other time to cool off. After everything that you've been through together, your love, friendship, and respect for each other should prevail.  

    Warning: there are a lot of cheesy and corny jokes in the film, and yet it's still not your usual rom-com. Many people shed a tear or two or cried buckets of tears while watching Through Night And Day. In the end, maybe you'll feel the urge to thank your partner for not giving up on your relationship. 

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