• This Man Proposed to His Girlfriend with a Personalized Monopoly Set with a Hidden Secret Inside

    What could the secret be?

  • Photo by Justin Lebon/Imgur

    These days, the ring in the champagne glass proposal won’t cut it anymore. Get with the times! Proposals have to be big, grand or creative.

    Take for instance the proposal thought up by one Justin Lebon. He and his girlfriend Michal Ott have been together for four years, and he thought it was about time he proposed to the woman he wanted to be with for the rest of his life.

    He posted the story behind his proposal on Reddit and the photos on Imgur which, to date, has been viewed a little under 500,000 times.  See all the amazing work Justin put into the board game by going there. 

    He planned his proposal to be on Christmas day 2014, and this is how he was going to do it: with a personalized wooden Monopoly board set. Michal loved Monopoly, so this was perfect. A personalized Monopoly board just for her would have already been a good Christmas gift, and getting a proposal at the end would make this the ultimate present.

    He first thought up of the plan in November 2014 and asked his friend, who knew his way around woodwork, to construct the board and the playing pieces. The cards and other details, Justin did on his computer. It took a total of five weeks to get everything ready.

    Photo by Justin Lebon/Imgur

    When the awaited day arrived, Michal opened her present and was over the moon.

    Photo by Justin Lebon/Imgur

    “I gave her the tour [around the board] from start to finish because she was jumping all over the place looking at it,” Justin told The Huffington Post.


    Photo by Justin Lebon/Imgur

    Photo by Justin Lebon/Imgur

    The starting space on the board game was Match.com – a dating website where the lovers met. It also had some memorable places or places that held a special meaning to them like where they had their first date and their favorite vacation spots.

    “Each one makes her laugh and cry!” Justin wrote on Imgur.

    When he finally got her to calm down, they played a round together. What Michal didn’t know was that the dice were rigged. They would always roll a seven. So when she rolled, the dice told her to go to the “Chance” space, which would then lead her to draw this card:

    Photo by Justin Lebon/Imgur

    The card would lead her to the “Luxury Tax” space, and this is where Justin gets down on one knee to take out not a ring box, but a wire key.

    The Luxury Tax space actually had a hidden trap door that housed the ring inside it and the wire key was used to open it. Clever!

    Photo by Justin Lebon/Imgur

    Photo by Justin Lebon/Imgur

    “She loved every second of the proposal, and I'm glad she did. It took a lot of planning, but I enjoyed every second of it. I'll never forget that day, and Christmas will be that much more special to us,” wrote Justin.

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