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  • New App Alert! Is This the 'Tinder' for Moms?

    Too awkward to approach another mom who’s also waiting outside your child’s classroom?
    by Rachel Perez .
New App Alert! Is This the 'Tinder' for Moms?
PHOTO BY Peanut-app.io
  • When you become a mom, you barely have time for yourself. An afternoon coffee with your girlfriends will always take a space beneath breastfeeding, or baby care, school appointments, and everything you need to do for your child and the home. Becoming a parent can be isolating sometimes, and it may be hard to find another mom whom you’ll instantly connect with genuinely, without fear of being judged.

    Lucky you if you have friends who become moms at the same time as you do, so then, your conversations naturally evolve to include your mom-related woes. If not, you can also find new friends in moms whose kids go to the same school as your child (read: PTC). Even then, you wouldn't know which of the moms you'd click with. But, thanks to technology, that may be easier to do now with an app that can help you find new mommy friends instantly. It also makes breaking the ice, so to speak, easier.

    Aptly named Peanut, a reference your doctor may have used to describe your baby's size and shape in an ultrasound scan, the app is made for pregnant moms and moms with kids up to 16 years old who would like to find new mommy friends. It's great for those who may not be comfortable approaching a stranger to ask advice, opinion, or just initiate meaningful and fun conversations with.

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    Peanut is the brainchild of Michelle Kennedy, founding member of the dating app Bumble. She came up with the idea soon after her son was born three years ago when she felt alone while in the company of moms from her neighborhood and interacted with them at classes.

    "I genuinely think that good things happen when women do stuff together, but it’s not always that easy to find your natural home or natural group of women," Kennedy told Mashable. The goal of the app it not just to match moms based on their parenting styles, she explained, but also to connect women with common values and interests. It is very user friendly, too, as moms can use it with one hand.

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    So, how does it work? The app is integrated into your Facebook account, which makes filling up your profile, such as your location, educational background, and profession, faster. Then, you choose badges to describe yourself -- from tongue-in-cheek labels such as "adrenaline junkie" or "dance machine" and to more identifiable ones like "single mama" or "special needs". These badges will help the app's algorithm to feed you profiles that could be a match for yours. Since the app is integrated with Facebook, you'll see their old and new photos when you are sent a profile that could be a potential match.

    And, like Tinder, you swipe. Swipe up or "wave" if you think you might get along with a mom, or swipe down if not. If the other mom "waves" back at you, she’ll show up on your match list too, and you can instantly start messaging each other directly or via a group chat. This makes it easier for users to arrange meet-ups and playdates as the ages of your kids are also displayed. You can also review or redo your action, in case something baby-related nudges you to swipe up or down prematurely, because you know, that happens when you're a mom.

    Since the app was made available just a few days ago, most of the users are located in London and New York. While the app encourages you to meet up with your mommy friends, it could take some time for the app's users to grow. Soon, Peanut will also integrate parenting-related media coverage for a user's curated interest. But, in the meantime,  no one’s stopping you from connecting with like-minded mommas across the globe. 


    Peanut app is now available for free only on iOS. Visit its website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for more details. 

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