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  • When you’re stuck in morning traffic and you’re running late, what do you do to keep your sanity? Turn on the radio and tune in to The Morning Rush on 93.9RX. Here, you will get all the laughs you need to ease your anxiety—and you might also find a few nuggets of wisdom that are worth keeping.

    We picked out the best — and arguably the one with the most useful — Top 10 list that The Morning Rush has ever churned out. #Advice for Newlyweds (topic suggested by Fishmarq) is not limited to young couples, though, but also for those who still need to learn or realize a thing or two about marriage. Take these to heart ladies and gentlemen.

    10. For the new wives: learn to cook not just for your husbands, but also for your mothers-in law. –HIKARU JEAN
     Who says that the only way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? It might work with her mom, too.

    9. Women love men who cook but can’t resist men who do the dishes.
    Another set of hands to help you with household chores? You can’t say no to that!

    8. Umasta nang ayon sa civil status.

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    That ring on your finger, it means to remind you that you are taken, lest you forget.

    7. Only one person gets to have a tantrum at a time.
    Arguing when both of you are fired up in rage is like asking for the whole house to burn down.

    6. Keep the fights clean but the nights dirty.

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    How dirty? It depends on what you’re willing to experiment with in the bedroom.

    5. Asking for favors from your in-laws is like handing them weapons that they can use against you in the future.
    They’ll help you, for sure. But they will also not forget it. Our take: Try #10 again.

    4. The three most important words in a marriage are not “I love you,” it’s “You’re right, dear.”

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    Hear, hear, husbands. The sooner you come to accept it, the smoother the marriage will be.

    3. Sometimes it’s wiser to go to bed angry that to stay up all night fighting.
    Fighting is always tiring. Know when to take stock so you both can think. Also, look back at #7.

    2. If you want to never forget your anniversary, try forgetting it once.
    The best teacher, as they say, is experience.

    1. Forever is a work in progress.
    Yes, #MayForever. But it doesn’t just happen through magic or love. It’s through hard work, couples.

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    Find this list and more love advice, throwback hits, odd and fun (name it, they have covered it!) lists on The Best of The Morning Rush Top 10 with Chico, Delamar, and Gino Volume 3now in bookstores and magazine stands nationwide for P195.

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