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  • Ha! Women Over the Age of 36 Are Having the Best Sex, Says Survey

    In fact, they're having the best orgasms. The future is bright!
    by Rachel Perez .
Ha! Women Over the Age of 36 Are Having the Best Sex, Says Survey
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  • When it comes to making love, a lot of people assume that women in their 20s have more fun since they're more carefree and curious about it. Wrong -- at least according to this app's survey. 

    Natural Cycles, the world’s first app to be certified as a contraception, conducted a survey that found older women have the "best and the most number of orgasms" compared to younger women.

    The survey had 2,600 women rate their level of sexual satisfaction, how attractive they feel, and how often they have an orgasm plus how strong they were. They were grouped into the following age brackets: age 23 and younger, 23 to 36 years old, and 36 and older.

    In the I-look-good department, women in their late 30s and above came ahead and saw themselves as confident and attractive. The younger ones came in second, while those in the 23-36 age range lacked confidence when it comes to their appearance and came last. 

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    And get this: Women over the age of 36 were also enjoying sex more often! Close to 90 percent of the women shared that they had enjoyable sex in a month. The middle age group came in second.

    If you're counting orgasms, the younger ladies scored the lowest number. On the other hand, more than half of the women in the older age group happily admitted they are having the most satisfying orgasms -- and a lot of it.

    The results of the survey, which didn't differentiate those who were married, were not at all surprising. While younger women may be more curious about sex, older women, on the other hand, well, have the upper hand when it comes to experience and wisdom. They already know what they want and how they want it in bed.


    "Many women I talk to in their late 30s and 40s feel like they know what turns them on or off and that they can communicate that with their partner," Ian Kerner, Ph.D., a sex therapist who was not involved in the study, told Motto.

    Socio-emotional and psychological factors could have come into play. Many older women have already settled down, which contributes to their feelings of security and confidence. Some might already be moms, and have overcome the "I look losyang" phase.

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    The survey's results may also spell good news for older women who are trying to conceive. Reproductive physiologist Joanna Ellington, Ph.D., said in the British documentary The Great Sperm Race that better sex leads to better the chances of conception.

    If that means having more orgasms, it goes both ways. Men who are fully aroused will ejaculate up to 50 percent more, and women's uterine contractions during an orgasm may help the sperm swim into your cervix, reporst Parents. Ergo, higher chanced of the sperm fertilizing the egg.

    However, one thing is for sure, women who are confident, know what they want, and feel more secure about their relationships are more relaxed. This should pretty much cover one factor that may affect conception: stress.

    Some experts say orgasm during sex contribute but a tiny spike in increasing the chances of conception. Still, it doesn't hurt for you and hubby to enjoy yourselves more in the process. No one wants to say no to, that right? 

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