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    Notebooks, paper, folder, pencil, bag, etc. and the list goes on - every school year, parents become preoccupied with buying their child’s school supplies, sometimes forgetting that one does not necessarily need to buy new things everytime. Although it is true that school materials are important in enhancing a child’s learning, a mom should at least find ways on how to provide these without breaking her budget. Read on to find out how real-life moms become moneywise when it comes to their child’s school supplies.

    1. Do an inventory.
    Kath Patawaran, a mommy to three young boys, shares that she does an inventory of her children’s school supplies at the end of each school year. She suggests, “Sort all materials into what can still be reused, recycled, and donated." Lala Bolintiam, a mommy of three (Jetri, 8; Jacob, 4; and Jim, 2), adds, “Before you shop for school supplies, check what you have at home first. I’m pretty sure you will still have last school year’s ruler, glue stick, sharpener and erasers.” Patty Gomez-Brazal, a teacher and mommy to Patrice, 6, and Patrick, 4, says that if she sees her children’s things are still in good condition, then she reuses them.


    2. Organize.
    Hannah Faustino, an interior designer and mommy to Timmy, 8 years old and Nina, 3, shares, “before buying new stuff, organize the old and re-use any school supplies that could still be used.” Joyce Obena, mom to 6-year old Derek stresses that, “Organizing school supplies can save you from having to buy the same art materials over and over.”

    3. Have storage for supplies.
    Mommy Joyce points out that, “we have a school supplies cabinet, and after every school year, we keep all reusable art materials like rulers, scissors, pencils, crayons, etc. so he can still use them for the next school year.” Mommy Kath and Michelle Dee, mom to 7-year old Denise, both suggest securing reusable materials after sorting them out as these have a tendency to be misplaced.”

    4. Recycle.
    Penny Santos, mommy to 7-year old Elisha, shares that, “after the school year ends, we make sure to recycle whatever leftover supplies from school such as pencils, unused pages from her notebooks, crayons, etc.” Michelle Agustin, a mother of three boys (Nathan, 15; Timmy, 11; and Noah, 9 years old), shares that, “I also look through each of their notebooks and see which ones have many pages left unused.” Mommy Michelle explains that she cuts out the written pages, neatly tapes them together and tells her sons to use these as extra notebooks for their subjects. Mommy Hannah suggests, “For folders, you may use reusable adhesives instead of scotch tape that easily peeps off paper. This way, you may still reuse. You can also use baby wipes to clean plastic covers.” Mommy Joyce adds that she uses her son’s old notebooks and pad paper either when reviewing him for a quiz or letting him do practice writing at home.

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    5. Be creative.
    Bon Rodriguez-Aguilar, mommy to 9-year old Eyca and 3-year old Llora, suggests, “Put crayons in a pretty little container so even when they get broken, they would still be fun to use. “ According to Mommy Michelle, she covers the front notebook with art paper and plastic in order to make the old notebooks look new.

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