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  • Declutter and Earn Extra Cash the Quick Way: Organize a Garage Sale

    The quickest way to get rid of clutter and earn extra cash? Hold a garage sale! Read on for tips on how to throw a successful and stress-free one.
    by Elaine P. Lim .
  • garage saleTurn the task of decluttering into a fun and productive family bonding activity! Enlist the kids’ help, get them involved, and be part of this event. This will teach them a thing or two about organizing, classifying, teamwork, people skills, and money matters—lessons that will surely come in handy throughout their lives!

    Time check! The date is a very important factor when it comes to the success of your garage sale, so choose the best day (on a weekend!) to have it. Factor in the weather and any other community event that might coincide with your ‘grand opening.’

    Easy access. Gather the items for sale, and group them together according to type. Provide a lot of tables, racks, and boxes, and arrange your merchandises accordingly. This will make it easy for customers to view your items. Put the most popular buys near the driveway (like toys, furniture, and clothes). This way, they’re visible from the road and will pique the interest of potential shoppers.

    Have your child set up his own display. Give him a table, and allow him to be as hands-on as he can (Your help and suggestions are a must!). Place his table next to you or near another adult so you can easily look after him and assist him with his customer transactions.

    Make a list, check it twice. Determine what items you’re keeping, donating to charity, and putting up on sale. Search the common areas of the house first like the living room, playroom, and kitchen. Ask each member to identify the possible goods for selling, giving, or keeping, and why. Parting with his toys may be difficult for your child, so you need to help him make that decision. Ask him why he wants to keep a particular toy and what it means to him. Decide together what goes and what stays. Let your child write down his ‘wish list’—explain to him that he might just get these depending on how much he earns from selling his old stuff.



    Click here to read on about gathering, organizing, classifying items, important reminders and money lessons.

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