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    Exploring the Malls
    Mall 168 

    The Mecca of Ultimate Basement Bargain Deals, Mall 168 has everything from cheap laptops (Pentium 2 and below) to power tools (White and Decker) to rubber shoes (Ladidadidas) to Chinese vases (Ming Dynasty, circa 2005) to perfume (Chanel No. 5.5).  Great bargains on Japanese anime figures, household items, hardware goods and clothing can be found here, but don’t expect durability, high quality or taste.  You can do your Christmas/Valentine/Ramadan/Birthday/Hanukkah shopping for the dozens of people-you-know-whom- you-don’t-want-to-spend-much-on-but-will-make-your-life-miserable-if-you-don’t-give-them-something right here.  And all of these for (mostly) under P200.  Also, don’t be surprised if your tindera can’t speak Tagalog or English as most of the folks that work here are right out of Mainland China.
    Cluster Building 

    Are you looking for signature brands?  Do you care if the logo was stuck on with Elmer’s Glue as long as it costs 1/20th of the original price?  For this kind of stuff, this is where you can begin your search.  Don’t expect foolproof copies though.  Some of these don’t even come close to a fake.  As usual, let the buyer beware is the motto you must live by while browsing.
    New Divisoria Center 

    This area can be divided into two areas.  The Upstairs area has clothing that was and never will be in vogue for as long as people like Karl Lagerfeld and Donatella Versace still draw breath.  Oh, and you can get a screwdriver and a 10 peso flashlight while you’re up there.


    The Downstairs (which I fondly call The Bowels of Hell) is a wet market which has imported canned goods (I found Del Monte flat can sardines in tomato sauce here), candies (gummy vampire fangs by the dross) and even such archaic childhood weapons of mass destruction such as sipa shuttles, jolens-by-the-bag and wooden trumpos (the ones with a concrete nail for a tip).
    Tutuban Centermall 1 & 2 

    These two areas are a veritable warehouse of knockoffs for every available article of clothing the human body is capable of wearing.  Marikina Shoe Exchange (Centermall 1) has many local, well-made, sturdy brands of shoes.  Michelle’s Ribbon and Lace Center (Centermall 2) has everything you need for designing your own apparel, from buttons to clips, embroidery to bangles.  One store of note here is Orignamura (Centermall 1), a place which specializes in cuddly cutesy oddities and novelties as well as school and office supply sundries, done in the style of Japanese Hello Kitty kitsch. 
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