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  • How To Get Exclusive Rights To Your Business Name Online

    Registration with DTI is a requirement and includes single proprietors.
    by Jocelyn Valle .
How To Get Exclusive Rights To Your Business Name Online
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  • Pandemic or not, there will always be opportunities to start a new business. If that’s your goal and you’re all set to embark on entrepreneurship, your first stop should be the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). You must know how to apply for a DTI permit.

    Technically, when you say "how to apply for DTI permit," it applies to sales and contests. Stores or retailers will need to secure a DTI permit before they can launch any promo including online contests.

    But, those thinking of putting up a business, securing a DTI permit has become synonymous with business registration, which you need to do to have exclusive rights to your business name. A business name “refers to any name, other than your true name, that you use in connection with your business.”

    Registration is a requirement by DTI, which is tasked to address local industry and foreign trade growth. It encompasses all business types, including single proprietors.


    Who can apply for business name registration

    Filipinos who are at least 18 years old can register a business name. Foreign nationals, who are authorized to do business in the Philippines under existing statutes, may also register.

    How to apply for DTI permit

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    You can register your business by going to the DTI headquarters in Makati City or, if you’re residing outside Metro Manila, to any regional or provincial office. You can also access the online services that will guide you throughout the whole process on how to apply for a DTI permit.

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the government agency strongly recommends the online procedure.

    Here’s a reminder posted on its website: “’Di kailangang lumabas pa at pumila. Dahil kayang-kaya online, mas madali at mas mabilis ang Business Name Registration. Safe ka pa!” Also: “Hinding-hindi kailangan ng fixer.”

    Step 1 Click new registration

    All you have to do is visit the Business New Registration System (BNRS) site. Then, click the “New Registration” button. Read carefully the Terms and Conditions before confirming your agreement by ticking the “I Agree” box.


    Step 2 Fill up your information

    Next, fill out the Owner’s Information form and make sure to provide the correct information. Take note that for applications filed by non-Filipino citizens, recognized refugees, and stateless persons, they will only be processed upon submission of the applicable supporting documentary requirements and payment of applicable fees at any DTI office.

    Step 3 Choose operation scale   

    Fill out the Business Scope and Business Name form. Choose the Territorial Scope of your business. It means how far your commercial venture will operate — barangay or national. Each territorial scope has a corresponding fee.

    • Barangay scope: Php200
    • City or municipality scope: Php500
    • Regional scope: Php1,000
    • National scope: Php2,000

    For the Business Name section, you will be asked for the dominant name of your business. It refers to the main identifying words or numerals included in your business name.

    You will also be asked for the business name descriptor. It describes the nature of our business based on the Philippine Standard Industrial Classification, which is found in the form.


    Step 4 Check your business name

    You will then key in your proposed business name and click the “Check Name Availability.” The system will check if that name is still available or already in use. You will know when the confirmation pops up and tells you to proceed. It means you can use your proposed name.

    Otherwise, you have to try again with another name until you arrive at the “Proceed” pop-up. Then, you will be given a Reference Code, which you will use in all your online transactions with DTI.

    Step 5 Your responsibilities as business owner

    There are more forms to fill out. Just make sure not to miss out on all the necessary fields. Then you will be given the “Undertaking,” which lists down your responsibilities as a business name owner. You may download the undertaking in your own files.

    Step 6 Payment

    At this point, you’ve reached the payment section. Choose your preferred method. You can pay using your credit or debit card or course the payment through the Landbank online banking facility, e-wallet, and payment centers.


    Bear in mind that you only have seven calendar days from the date of application to make your payment. Beyond that number of days, your application will be nullified. You will have to repeat the whole process on how to apply for a DTI permit.

    But once you make your payment and it is cleared, you can already download your Certificate of Business Name Registration. You will likewise receive it via email.

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