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  • This Free App Helps You Save for Your Child's College Fund

    Start saving for your kid’s education with the GradMaker app.
This Free App Helps You Save for Your Child's College Fund
  • Worrying about financing your child's college education is only natural. It must be the subject of many sleepless nights, especially when you know that tuition fees will continue to increase—not to mention that the cost of living and making ends meet are already challenging. Picture this: Historically, tuition fees increase between 8% to 10% every year*. Today, your child is just four years old. His college tuition fee by the time he turns 18 would be P1,099,347.00/yr or P4,397,388 in four years!

    It feels overwhelming sometimes, but with the right knowledge and adequate planning, you can rest assured your kid's college education is covered.

    Now there's even an app for that! The Manulife GradMaker app is the first digital solution to every busy parent's needs when it comes to growing money for your child's college education. It's an easy, convenient, and secure investment managed by Manulife, a global insurance company that has been in the Philippines for 110 years.

    If you're an incredibly busy parent, you may not have the time to sit down and compute all your potential future expenses when it comes to your child's education. That's why it's practical to download the GradMaker app. With three simple steps, you can now see how much your child's tuition fee will be by the time he goes to college. 

    The user-friendly app makes it easy to compare investing your money in GradMaker with other savings and investment tools. For instance, you can keep it in a regular savings account, which can earn 0.2% interest per annum**, or make an investment via GradMaker with an average return of up to 8%.***

    If you want to know how you can prepare for college as early as now, simply complete the GradMaker sign-up process, which takes only a matter of minutes. Watch the quick demo—it only takes three simple steps.

    To help you grow your money, GradMaker puts your investment in a professionally managed fund. More importantly, the investment even comes with life insurance, making sure that you are covered and your child’s future remains secure should the worst happen.

    At the end of the day, you only want to make sure your children's future is secure. What better way to do that than to start saving and investing while they are still young? With the Manulife GradMaker app, you can easily do just that.

    Instead of buying your little ones expensive toys they may eventually outgrow, put your money in a fund that will be more helpful to them when they grow up. After all, education is the best gift you can give to your children. 

    To know more about Manulife GradMaker visit: www.manulife.com.ph/GradMaker.

    Want to get started now? Download the app on Play Store or Apple Store.




    *Based on historical data
    **Your money in a savings account currently can earn a guaranteed interest rate of 0.2% annually. You can contact your bank for the actual interest rate.

    ***The given rate is a projection only; this is NOT GUARANTEED and will depend on actual fund performance.

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