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  • Mom Jobs: How to Start Working As a Freelance Writer from Home

    Keep these tips in mind if you’re considering to be a freelance writer work-at-home mom.
    by Martine De Luna .
  • laptopWork-at-home moms are a breed of their own. Working from home provides some moms with a rewarding sense of dual accomplishment: the opportunity to earn income while caring for the children. As a work-at-home mom myself, I have experienced the satisfaction of earning my own keep, watching my son grow and learn day by day, being able to cook healthy meals and fix up my house—all while doing what I love most: writing.

    Working as a freelance writer from home is relatively easy to begin with. However, it requires experience and a commitment to learn about the ever changing Internet landscape in order for it to become a lucrative occupation. Here are some tips to help you get started in this line of work.

    1.    See what kind of writing people look for. Most start-up freelance writing jobs on the Internet involve ghostwriting or writing for other websites. Others require more expertise, such as white paper-, essay-, and report writing. To give you an idea of how in-demand writing is as a profession, search Google using the query “work at home writing”: You’ll find over 200 million results pointing you towards sites on freelance writing. To get started, sign up for free accounts at freelancing communities such as Elance.com, oDesk.com or WAHM.com (Work at Home Moms) to get an idea of the kind of writing work potential clients are looking for. There are also a number of local companies that are open to work-from-home writers, including Smart Parenting Online!

    2.    Decide on a niche. Some freelance writers write for a specific niche, be it expertise, be it a writing medium or an industry. Some stick to one niche, such as a particular industry. For example: Let’s say you decide to write for legal clients. You will write everything for them, from direct mail and brochures to sales aids and video scripts, so long as it is about anything legal. Some, on the other hand, write for a niche by medium. They make a particular medium of writing their specialty. For example: You can write for all types of industries, but you only write white papers or annual reports. Choosing a niche, in the end, is about knowing what you’re comfortable with, and most importantly, what you particularly like!

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