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  • You Have the Right to Get Your Exact Change Under This New Law

    Bawal na rin po na candy ang sukli.
    by Andrei Medina .
You Have the Right to Get Your Exact Change Under This New Law
  • Whether you hand over as little as P20 or as much as P1,000, all stores and establishments are now required to give you your due change without asking whether you have a smaller bill. This is after Republic Act No. 10909 or the No Shortchanging Act lapsed into law on July 21, CNN Philippines reported. The bill was sponsored by Sen. Bam Aquino under the 16th Congress in October 2015.

    The new law also prohibits vendors from giving their other products such as candies to customers in lieu of change. Aside from this, stores must display products with corresponding price tags showing the retail price of each item, including taxes.

    Meanwhile, Philstar noted that violators f the said law could face a stiff fine ranging from P500 to P25,000 or a certain percentage of their gross sales. Stores that reach their fourth offense can also be sanctioned with the closure of their business.

    Customers can file a complaint with the Department of Trade and Industry within 10 days of the transaction. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for its part will launch an information campaign to help consumers know their rights under the new law.


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