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  • Shoes, Bags, and More to Mark Your Child's First Day at School, Starting at P330

    Get your back-to-school shopping done early at the Robinsons Department Store near you!
Shoes, Bags, and More to Mark Your Child's First Day at School, Starting at P330
  • With enrollment season fast approaching, you'll need to prepare your checklists—and checkbooks!—for the upcoming school year as early as now. From big expenses like tuition to particulars such as school supplies, you need to make sure that all bases are covered.

    Shop with your child and get them excited for the first day of school with new clothes and accessories, courtesy of Robinsons Department Store. Check them out:


    Black School Shoes

    For boys: Billy shoes, P499.75
    For girls: Bella shoes, P399.75

    Shiny black shoes are a must for school. Check out these styles from the Billy and Bella shoe collections. It’s better to bring your kids along with you when buying shoes to make sure they're comfortable with the fit.

    Trolley Bags

    “Cars” trolley bag, P2,499.75
    “Frozen” trolley bag, P1,299.75

    A trolley bag is easy to lug around, especially when your kid needs to pack a lot of things for school. Make sure the bag has ample space and pockets for books, notebooks, and school supplies.

    Uniform Tops

    For boys: Byloz Boys polo, P429.75
    For girls: Grizzly blouse, P449.75

    "Wais" moms will agree: Buying plain uniform shirts and sewing on the school’s patches on them can help you save money. You can also forgo buying new patches by re-using the ones from a sibling's (or a cousin’s) old school uniforms.

    Uniform Bottoms

    For boys: Byloz Boys pants, P549.75
    For girls: Grizzly skirt, P329.75

    You can pair department store-bought tops with slacks and skirts—provided your kids' school uses a similar version. And because kids can shoot up a few inches within the year, it's best to go for longer pants or skirts (just fold and hem the ends and unstitch as needed).


    Polo Shirts

    Playground collared shirt, P349.75

    Make casual days in school extra stylish with Playground’s smart-looking polo shirts in various colors. Your son will be attending parties and events throughout the school year so you might want to stock up on new shirts.


    Playground dress, P499.75

    Our tropical climate calls for cute dresses that are easy and comfortable to wear in school. Play around with the simple design by adding a belt, cardigan, or leggings.

    Casual Shoes

    For boys: Billy shoes, P499.75
    For girls: Bella sandals, P499.75

    When buying shoes for boys, it’s best to buy footwear versatile enough to be worn on most days and with any outfit. For girls, strappy sandals can match dresses, shorts, and pants.

    Lightweight Bags

    Lunch bag, P499.75
    Backpack, P699.75

    A lunch bag that can double as a day bag is just what your child needs for school and weekend trips with the family. Go for one that’s insulated and has several pockets, and make sure to choose one with zips and buttons they can handle themselves in the classroom. A smaller backpack also comes in handy during outdoor trips.

    Prepare early for your child’s first day of school with Robinsons Department Store. With everything for fashion, home, and lifestyle under one roof, the store can be your go-to destination when you shop for your kids.

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