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  • Delamar Arias Shares One of Her Spending Regrets About Baby Items

    Having a baby is expensive, but saving doesn't always mean going for the most affordable
    by SmartParenting Staff . Published Jun 24, 2018
  • Pregnant moms find out soon enough that the cost of taking care of a child baby is no laughing matter. The bill can skyrocket if you’re not mindful about your spending, but it doesn't necessarily mean buying the most affordable of items. In fact, splurging is the way to go for some select items for your baby. Here’s how spending more on something now can mean big savings for your family in the long run: 

    #1 Spend more on items you will use for a long time.
    You can go for more affordable prices for items like house clothes, bonnets, and mittens because your baby will outgrow them in a matter of weeks. But bottles, appliances, and bath time products like a bathtub or shower caddy, are best to splurge on because you need these items to work for a long time.

    Celeb mom Delamar Arias, a mother of three, says, “I want the product to be strong enough so it can survive the kids’ treatment of it. Although, the only one that was with us since Cooper until now is the baby bathtub!”

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    #2 Spending more on quality products means your other children can still use it.

    In fact, big-ticket items like cribs and strollers can be used not just by your children but those of your family and friends. It's the kind of hand-me-down that people appreciate.

    Delamar, for example, regrets she didn't get to use one stroller for all her kids. She says, “The stroller brand Harper uses now is so much better than the ones I bought before. I wish I had known about it early so I could have used it for Cooper and Parker. It is especially useful and perfect for travel, and we do travel to the U.S. every year.”


    #3 Investing now means lower costs in the long run.
    We know that products made of quality materials give you more value for money because you can it reuse over and over again. You know this. Find an item of yours that you love using, and divide it by the number of estimated days you’ve used it so far. Doesn’t that give you the thrill to know that you’re getting your money’s worth?

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    #4 You can also resell investments.
    A quick search on Facebook will introduce you to a plethora of groups, like the Smart Parenting Village's Saturday Finds, that are reselling their preloved baby items. These are immensely popular because of budget-conscious moms looking to score a good deal, as well as the fact that babies outgrow their things so quickly that you would love to let go of what you can. So why not make a little cash from it as well? You won’t be able to attract many buyers if the item you’re selling isn’t a premium one, or looks like it’s seen better days. 

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    #5 You’re investing in technology that keeps your baby safe. 
    Keeping your baby safe and sound is always a mother’s top priority, and when it’s literally a life or death situation, you can only count on the best baby products that you can trust. Quality strollers, car seats, and cribs are worth the splurge because they’re not merely a way to contain or bring your baby around; you’re buying into the research and technology that went into each product to make sure that it will make your baby comfortable and safe.

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