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  • 10 Videos of Primo Arellano That Are Too Cute, We Keep Watching Over and Over

    The two-year-old son of Drew Arellano and Iya Villania never fails to make our day!
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
10 Videos of Primo Arellano That Are Too Cute, We Keep Watching Over and Over
PHOTO BY @drewarellano/Instagram
  • Everybody loves Primo, TV hosts Drew Arellano and Iya Villania's almost-three-year-old firstborn son. Those who follow his parents on Instagram know the little guy has inherited not only his parents' good looks, but their love for life and great sense of humor as well. No wonder Primo is one of the most-loved babies on social media. 

    Many of Primo's fans can't get enough of the little boy and his antics and are always yearning for more, so while we wait for the next posts on social media, here are some videos to tide us over, courtesy of Drew and Iya.

    10 cute videos of Primo Arellano 

    Primo the laugh machine

    Nothing brings a smile to anyone's face as much as a baby's laughter does, and Primo sure brings in the laughs in this video taken when he was barely a year old.


    Primo the DJ

    We're aware Primo has a talented lineage, with both her parents being very good at hosting. What we didn't know was that Primo already showed a huge potential as a musician as early as age 1! Here he is performing with his cousins during his great-grandma's birthday party, nodding his head to the beat and putting his hands up in the air (like he just don't care)!

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    Primo the laugh machine Part 2

    When your father is naturally funny like Drew, everything he does becomes a good reason to laugh... even when Papa's only pretending to leave to take a bath.

    Primo learns how to pray

    Of course, it's not just all fun and games at the Arellano household. One of the first lessons mom Iya wanted to teach Primo was to close his eyes as they say a prayer before meals. Here's a video of Primo "in the process of learning how to," says Iya. You can't say he didn't try.


    Primo needs a lifeguard

    Both Drew and Iya love being physically active, so it's only natural for Primo to be involved in some of their activities. The little boy's fans found this video taken during a swim with his Papa absolutely sweet when he adorably asked, "Papa, help! Help Primo!" How cute is it that he refers to himself in the third person?


    Little Primo wants to play

    For a little child, being able to play and run around freely is the ultimate definition of fun. It can be a little disheartening for a two-year-old when it rains and he can't go out to play, but Primo believes there's nothing a nursery rhyme can't fix. Here he is asking the rain to "go away, little Primo wants to play."


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    Primo the critically-acclaimed actor

    Being a performer is in Primo's genes, so we're not surprised at all that he sometimes acts like he's in front of a camera, being like a professional actor, needing "absolutely no coaching." Good take, Primo! 


    Primo and his Filipino nursery rhyme

    In the latest video Iya posted of his firstborn, the mother-and-son duo are learning the Filipino nursery rhyme, "Ako ay May Lobo" together... or, rather, Primo is teaching his Mama the correct lyrics to the song. Too cute!


    Primo the sweetest kid

    Primo is an absolute joy to his parents and their fans, and it's easy to see why so many are enamored with him. For Papa Drew though, it only takes these three words (er...sort of) to melt his heart. "Papa, ayyu." (That means "I love you," of course.)

    Oh, Primo!

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