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    Keep in mind that every time your child receives a gift, it is a wonderful chance to teach gratitude and good manners. Don’t pass up this learning opportunity. Here are some lessons you can impart:

    1. Say “thank you” with a smile, no matter how big or small the gift may be. For gifts he doesn’t receive personally, assist him in making a phone call or a thank you note.
    2. Open your gifts at home or after the giver has left. This helps avoid embarrassing, awkward situations when your child might spontaneously blurt out phrases like, “Ay, ito lang?” or “Meron na ‘ko nito!”
    3. Positive phrases, please. Children echo what you say, so when they hear words such as “I appreciate it,” “I’m pleased,” or “How thoughtful!”, they eventually learn to compliment the giver.
    4. A gift is something given and not asked for. Remind him that it is not polite to go up to someone and demand a gift. It is only when asked by grandparents, relatives, or friends that he may state his preference.
    5. Unwrap one gift at a time. Make sure your child completely opens any package received and takes time to see and appreciate it before moving on to the next one.


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    Photography by Patrick Martires

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