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  • 22 Days to Christmas!

    Don’t join the panic and frenzy over last-minute Christmas shopping. We give the reasons why and some suggestions to come up with better gifts without the rush.

    by Rochelle Bonifacio-Prado .
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    Avoid last-minute shopping. “When you join the Christmas rush, you are prone to making bad decisions because you’re in a hurry and probably too tired to focus. The tendency is to buy the next thing you see, even if it means overspending,” explains Irmina Pantanosas, vice president and treasury services manager of a bank.


    “Ideally, when the –Ber months ring in, it would be good to start shopping. No crowds, no lines-time is money after all,” adds Dagny Ayaay, an entrepreneur who runs her own perfume line. EJ Nitura-Dimaano, a copywriter, who is also a savvy budget shopper, goes a step further by picking up items throughout the year and storing them in her Christmas gift sack-a practical way of spreading out gift expenses instead of shelling out a big chunk of your Christmas bonus.


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    • Irmina Pantanosas, vice president and treasury services manager
    • Dagny Ayaay, businesswoman/perfumer
    • EJ Nitura-Dimaano, copywriter


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